Departmental Transfer Guidelines

Departmental Transfers are mass registration changes that facilitate the moving of a group of students to a different section of the same course for the same term or part of term (course dates that fall within a particular term but do not run the full length of the term). The department requests this change, not the student. Departmental transfers should be used when there is a change being made to the section of the course (for example, time/day the course is changed, section of a course is split into multiple sections, section is being canceled or when campus code or instructional method changes). The department is responsible for:

  • Notifying affected students of the change to their schedules and to obtain consent.
  • Checking time conflicts before requesting that students be moved.


Departmental transfers may be used to add/drop students in mass for the following reasons

  • Changes in time/day of the course.
  • Changes to the location of the course (i.e., from online to on campus or off campus to on campus). Moving a student to an on line section will result in a fee being assessed to the student. Not all students wish to be switched from online to on campus (or vice versa), so please give them the option to drop, select a different course if needed, or be transferred. Moving a student from an off campus section to an on campus section could result in the recreation center fee being assessed (this happens once the student is registered for 6 on campus credit hours).
  • Changes in the instructional method (i.e. from face to face to hybrid)
  • Changes resulting from capacity issues (ex: low enrollment necessitates a section being cancelled or high enrollment results in adding another section or changing day/time to accommodate more students).


Departmental transfers cannot be used

  • When credit hours are not equivalent.*
  • When the sections have different start and/or end dates.*
  • When course numbers (or prefixes) are different (transfers must be to and from the same course).
  • For individual schedule changes. Students must fill out the appropriate scheduling form or make scheduling changes online after getting the necessary overrides.
  • For sponsored international students who register for an online course and need to be moved to an on campus course later. They need to fill out a scheduling form or add/drop online. Sponsored international students must have permission of their sponsoring agency in order to register for online courses.

*These are not permissible because there may be a tuition differential and/or financial aid (federal or state aid, veterans benefits, etc.) implications.


To submit a departmental transfer request, log into Argos and run the following report

  • ISU.Registration and Records.External.Departmental Tools.Departmental Transfer.Departmental Transfer
  • Email the report to or fax it to 812-237-8039.