Graduation Guarantee: FAQs

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Graduation Guarantee. For further information or assistance, email Indiana State University at

  • The Graduation Guarantee is between Indiana State University and the student and promises that a student can graduate within four years if they meet their responsibilities. If the student has fulfilled these responsibilities and is unable to graduate in four years, Indiana State will consider whether four-year graduation can be met through appropriate course substitutions. If substitutions are not possible, the University will waive the costs of tuition for the additional courses required to graduate.

  • Students entering as first-time, full-time freshmen are eligible. The Guarantee applies to students pursuing degree programs of 128 semester hours or fewer.

  • It is easy. As part of the Indiana State Advantage, students will be notified their first semester of their eligibility and will need to acknowledge their intent to participate during their first semester. The four-year clock begins with their first semester as a first-time, full-time freshman at Indiana State. The four-year time period begins with the start of fall 2012. Students who sign up after the start of classes in their first semester may have deficiencies that will need to be addressed before the agreement goes into effect.

  • Parent participation is encouraged but is optional. If the student sets up proxy access allowing their educational records to be shared with their parents, their parents will be able to assist them in monitoring their academic progress. Proxy access is required under federal law before a university can discuss a student's educational records with parents or others.

  • All students are assigned academic advisors, and the name of the advisor should appear on their degree auditing report tool which the student can access through the MyISU Portal. If the advisor's name does not appear on this report or if the student needs assistance in accessing this information, the student should contact the dean's office of the college in which his/her specific academic program is housed.

  • Staying in good academic standing is an important part of progressing toward graduation. If your academic performance falls below the level required by the University or that of the major you are pursuing, you should meet with your advisor to discuss how to improve your GPA and whether you will be able to return to compliance with the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee.

  • Students who are participating in the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee who decide to change majors need to meet with their advisor to determine if it will be possible to complete the required curriculum in time to remain in compliance. To do so may require attending summer sessions and/or taking additional coursework during the regular academic year.

  • Students participating in the program are required to meet with their advisors to develop a four-year plan to complete their degrees on time. Students should continue meeting with their advisors each semester to review their progress and determine any issues that need to be addressed to stay on track to graduate within four years. It is the student's responsibility to initiate these meetings and inform the advisor of any problems they are having. The student should also utilize the degree audit reporting tool provided by the University to monitor their progress. In addition, Indiana State will provide students in this program with communications that indicate if they are on track to graduate within four years and details any corrective action that needs to be taken if they have fallen out of compliance.

  • This can vary depending upon the degree program the student selects. Generally, a student needs to complete 30 to 32 credit hours per academic year of the courses required for graduation to stay on track to graduate within four years. The four-year plan developed with a student's advisor will detail the number of credit hours needed each semester along with the specific curriculum that is required.

  • Students in this program need to register during the priority registration period for each semester. If they are unable to get into a required course needed that semester (as indicated on their degree map) to meet the progression/graduation standards for their program, the student should notify their advisor by email AND notify the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee program at during the priority registration period.

  • Students will develop a four-year plan with their advisor that will outline the courses needed each semester to complete a degree on time. Some courses require prerequisites (other courses) be completed before they can be taken. In addition, some programs require certain grade point averages in specific courses or an overall GPA be maintained in order to continue in the program. In order to stay on track and meet these progression standards, students must be taking the required courses in the proper sequence and must meet the minimum grade requirements. In order to graduate, students must meet all of the required coursework for their program.

  • If a student has met the terms of the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee and can't graduate within four years due to the unavailability of required courses, Indiana State will determine if the student can graduate within four years by substituting one course for another when appropriate and approved by the student's academic department. If that is not an option, the University will waive the tuition for any required coursework.

  • The waiver will only cover the tuition for the remaining courses required for graduation. It does not cover any additional costs such as room and board, books, fees, etc.

  • Students participating in the program need to avoid having holds on their accounts that block them from registering during priority registration. To do this, students need to pay all bills on time, submit immunization records, and maintain good academic standing. Students experiencing such holds will be out of compliance.

  • Applying for graduation signals that a student intends to graduate at a given time. This provides an additional opportunity for the University to check the student's progress and determine if any changes need to be made in the last semester's registration to ensure on-time graduation.

  • Graduating in four years is the best way to control the costs of obtaining a college education. In addition to the savings generated from no longer paying for college expenses, students are able to start their careers and begin earning a salary. This program is designed to keep students on track for four-year graduation and ensures that Indiana State will make that possible. If the student meets their responsibilities and still is not able to graduate, the University will waive the tuition of the courses needed to graduate. The waiver will not be offered to students who are not participating in this program or who have not fulfilled their responsibilities.

  • The excluded majors are: Bachelor of Science in Science Education (151 hours), Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Art (130 hours), and Bachelor of Music Education in Music Education (133 hours).

**Eligibility for the Tuition-Free Guarantee / Experience / Sycamore Graduation Guarantee will be determined by Indiana State University and is subject to modification based on additional information, a change in circumstances, or other reason. The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and does not create a binding legal obligation. (Updated 2/10/2022)