Grant Procedures & Reports


Institutional Approvals and Routing

Prior to proposal submission or contract acceptance the document must be routed. The routing process serves to advise and inform academic administrators such as a department chair and college dean of possible future project activities of a faculty or staff member; it also ensures that all Indiana State University compliance requirements have been met.

What is Routing

Proposals requesting funding from an external agency, contracts with other institutions or companies, and other agreements that commit ISU resources are routed on the following forms:

Final and/or Periodic Reports which require the signature of an authorized official of the University must are routed using the ISU Routing Form for Grant and Contract Performance Reports:

How to Route

ISU uses the Cayuse424 software to enable grant submission for most federal grant proposal and online routing. Once registered into the Cayuse424 system an ISU administrator/faculty is able to apply his or her signature electronically for proposal approval.

When to Route

Proposals/contracts may not be submitted until all required approvals have been obtained; therefore it is best to start the process well before the proposal's due date. For routing purposes the budget should be in a close to final form, and the narrative can be in rough draft form. Reviewers should be able to get a clear understanding of the project and what institutional resources will be required.

Who is Included on Routing

A proposal/contract must include the approvals of each PI, Co-PI and Senior Personnel named on the project, in addition the Department Chair and Dean of College for each faculty/staff listed must also approve.

If the project requires support and/or services from other offices on campus (i.e. Office of Information Technology, Extended Learning, Center for Community Engagement, etc.) the director of the office must be included in the routing process.

Approvals from institutional compliance committees may be required prior to submission; it will depend on what the funding agency requires.

Compliance certification may take some time. Start the process early!

Please be aware that the Office of Contracts and Grants will not release any funds until all compliance issues have been satisfied.

Proposal will not be submitted until all required signatures have been obtained.