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Housing and Meal Plan Options

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Meal Plan Options

We offer several residential meal plans to meet your dining needs. Students who live in a residence hall are required to have a residential meal plan. Students who live in University Apartments or 500 Wabash are not required to have a meal plan, but may opt into one of the residential plans or the optional apartment meal plan. Students who live in an upperclass designated building (Hines, Erickson, Reeve) may select the upperclass building meal plan or one of the other residential meal plans. 

The "Flex" number in the residential meal plan name is an approximation of the number of meals a student would be able to eat in Sycamore Dining Hall each week. It is handy to think in terms of how many meals a student might eat each week when picking the right meal plan. However, each meal swipe costs a certain number of credits (breakfast is 7, lunch is 9 and dinner is 12) and when the student swipes into the dining hall those credits are deducted from their balance. Sycamore Dining Hall is "all you care to eat" with multiple stations serving at each meal. Use of credits in the dining hall is the best use of your meal plan. Students may also do a "credit conversion" for specific meal options at select locations in the HMSU Commons from 2:00 p.m. to close on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Additional credits may be purchased for $0.30 each at any time during the semester in the Dining Service office.

Commons Cash is currency which can be used at all ISU Dining locations on campus. Commons Cash has a dollar for dollar value and can be used instead of paying with cash or debit/credit card. Additional Commons Cash may be purchased at any time during the semester in the Dining Service office. 

Students select meal plans in their housing portal as part of the housing contract process.

Meal Plan Credits per semester Board Meals per week* Commons Cash per semester 2021-2022 Semester Rate

Flex 10/102 (Standard Plan) "Hometown Hero"

1360 N/A $102 $1,918.00

Flex 10/204 "Hometown Hero"

1360 N/A $204 $2,020.00

Flex 12/204 "Sycamore Star"

1734 N/A $204 $2,094.80

Flex 14/204 "Weekend Warrior"

1972 N/A $204 $2,142.40
Upperclass Building Meal Plan N/A 5 $102 $853.00
University Apartments / 500 Wabash (optional plan) N/A 5 $102 $853.00

* Board meals are a set number of meal swipes that reset every week. They may be used at Sycamore Dining Hall, Cup & Chaucer located in the Cunningham Memorial Library, Executive Express in the Scott College of Business, and in the HMSU Commons at Krispy Krunchy Chicken and the Campus Cupboard. 

To learn more about Dining, please visit their website, click here.


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