Living Learning Communities

In our Living Learning Communities, students are taking at least one academic course together in addition to living together in one community. Our Living Learning Communities exist to help students successfully transition from the secondary school environment to being a successful student at ISU. Students in these communities have opportunities to connect their classes and their faculty beyond the traditional classroom. Students can expect to have an Academic Success Educator who serves as the teaching assistant in their common class. Their faculty members will also come into the halls regularly for events, study sessions and often even to join students for dinner. Some communities are invite only while others are by application. These communities create an intentional environment where the focus is to help them build relationships and connections with faculty, staff, and fellow students that will benefit them as they move forward in their academic career.

Indiana State University Residential Life offers the following Living Learning Communities:

Lead (Application Required)

Lead is dedicated to developing students into future leaders on our campus and beyond.  Student leadership skills will be sharpened through community service, inclusiveness, effective communication, self-discovery, personal growth and involvement.  Members strive for excellence while keeping a positive attitude, being responsible, compassionate, and serving as a positive role model for others.  Students will learn how to get involved with and affect positive change in organizations.  Lead will give students the skills they need to step up and succeed in leadership positions.

Integr8 (Application Required)

The Integr8 Living-Learning Community delivers a powerful, transitional experience for students with various backgrounds and identities centered around 8 pillars of success:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Professional Success
  4. Inclusive Excellence
  5. Leadership
  6. Community
  7. Identity Development
  8. Social Equity

Participation in a UC110 Course and a social justice course or workshop series, as well as living together in community, serve as foundational requirements for the programs. Students come together and support each other as they navigate academic challenges, develop interpersonal relationships, explore topics of difference, and prepare today for tomorrow’s successes.

Aviation Majors (Application Required)

The Aviation Living-Learning Community is focused on helping our Aviation majors explore new heights.  Students will take a major-related course together in the Fall Semester, and either a math course or another major related course in the Spring Semester.  Students will have more access to Aviation faculty and advisors in and out of the classroom, as well as special experiences only open to students within the community.

College of Technology (Application Required)

Can you make a canoe float?  What if it was made of cement?  Ever thought about building your professor his very own desk made out of corrugate?  This is the community for you.  Students in the College of Technology community will take their classroom studies and apply them in unique ways with events on their floor and in their residence halls.

Students participating in this community will take a major related course together in the fall semester and either a major related course or general studies math course together in the spring semester. Students will have direct contact and interaction with College of Technology faculty and staff both inside and outside of their classroom setting and be a part of the Math Refresher Program.

Health Professions LLC (Application Required)

This community is for students with majors relating to the health professions, including the College of Health and Human services, but also Pre-Dental and Pre-Medicine, among others.  Students in this select community will have intentional learning opportunities centered around development in the health professions and beyond.  Learn from the pros at invite-only events about new technologies and ideas in healthcare and participate in discussions with faculty and staff.  Students not selected to the Health Professions LLC but still have majors within the College of Health and Human Services are still able to request the Health and Human Services Community, a more general community of College of Health and Human Services majors still living in Sandison Hall, with access to the McKee Nursing Lounge on the first floor.

Health and Human Services Community

The Health and Human Services Community is for students with majors specificlly listed in the College of Health and Human Services.
Students living in this community will benefit from the McKee Nursing Lounge on the first floor of Sandison Hall, as well as local study groups and student outings with faculty.

University Honors LLC (Must be Accepted to the University Honors College)

It’s hard to know what’s most enticing to University Honors College applicants: the chance to take classes like “Science Fiction as Social Criticism” or the opportunity to live in Pickerl or Burford Hall, two of our coolest residence halls. Boasting open lounges and study spaces with technology in Pickerl, sound-proof practice rooms and performance stage for artists, and spacious meeting/classrooms in Burford, these buildings are perfect for Honors students. The University Honors College offers a rich social and intellectual experience to high-achieving students, and was among the first to unite students in a residential learning community at State. Honors students come from all majors and backgrounds. Once admitted to the program, they examine far-flung topics in an honors-only curriculum that replaces standard foundational classes. They also work closely with an faculty to invent brand-new learning experiences within their major. Participants and faculty become like family as they share small classes, discussion groups, field trips and study abroad. It’s easy to stay in touch, because the Honors CollegeOffice is right on-site at Pickerl, along with a dedicated honors classroom and plenty of room to socialize.

Gender Inclusive

The Gender Inclusive community provides and inclusive environment where gender assignments are not required.  Students who agree to live in the community must sign a second community contract with Residential Life pledging to help provide a safe and inclusive environment for all in the community.  The community will focus on Ally development to support LGBTQ students and unique partnerships with similar offices and students on campus.

Global Living Community

Broaden your horizons with this international culture based community!  The Global Living community will immerse students in the cultures of other countries, including the cultures of the international students living on the floor.  Learn about international cultures through unique experiences like food expos, international garment exhibitions, and personalized heritage nights hosted by international and domestic students in the community.  Students in the Global Living community can expect international students as roommates or floor mates, interesting stories, and experiences supported by the Center for Global Engagement, as well as student-run clubs and organizations.

Project Success

Project Success is a five-day, by-invitation only program for students who want to enhance their academic performance and get a head start on the collegiate experience. Project Success is a great opportunity for first-year students to get a jump-start on college, develop skills that will help them achieve their academic and personal goals, and get ready to be successful college students. All students participating in Project Success are required to move in early. The Project Success community, will live together in recently renovated residence halls so that they can develop a true living-learning experience to aid in their transition and success. If you are participating in Project Success but your selected roommate is not, you can still live together on the Project Success floor.  You can apply for Project Success and learn more HERE!

Lingua Franca

Are you interested in the study of language and culture? Lingua Franca might be for you! Lingua Franca is a language immersion community for French, German, Japanese, Latin, or Spanish languages and culture. Students living in the Lingua Franca community will have access to special study halls, cultural meals and activities, and the change to further develop skills in a new language and culture. Students participating in the Lingua Franca Community are required to take LLL 200, a course on the introduction to the study of languages and cultures. Students can expect weekly (or more) meal outings with residents, monthly coordinated cultural events, and a study hall devoted to their specific language. Students will also work together to create a community-wide immersive cultural event each semester with help from community sponsors. Students living in the Lingua Franca Community can select roommates from anyone else in the community. All students living in the community are expected to participate in community events and learning opportunities.


Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to start a business of your own?
The SPARK Living Learning Community will give you the opportunity to surround yourself with a network of entrepreneurs and resources that will help you build a company, develop a product, or explore your business start-up ideas.
Build your business while you build lifelong friendships in an exclusive community that gives you the opportunity to gain practical entrepreneurial skills in energetic settings.
Students will have the opportunity to attend pitch competitions, socialize with founders, and network with the entrepreneurial community.
To assist them on their journey to starting the next great business, students will also have access to the Sycamore Innovation Lab, prototyping equipment, drones, 3D printers, photo/video equipment, and a variety of other maker resources.
All majors are encouraged.

Eco Reps

If you’re interested in helping Blue go green, you need to join the Eco Reps Community! Eco Reps is all about sustainability and environmental impact. Eco Reps students will move in one week early for an intensive outdoor retreat focused on team building and sustainability.
The Office of Sustainability and Sustainability Fellows will guide the cohort through an experience based course giving students the academic foundation to design a project with real world implications. Students will have the opportunity to visit local sites that will add perspective to their experience. Students living in the Eco Reps Community can select roommates from anyone else in the community. All students living in the community are expected to participate in community events and learning opportunities.

Transfer Student Community

The Transfer Student Community is built specifically for transfer students. We understand that as a transfer student, you prefer a slightly different experience that what a new student might. Our staff give you all the tools bring you in to the Sycamore family quickly, while not overwhelming you with things you may already know.


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