Rural Health Scholarship

2022-2023 Rural Health Scholarship Information:
  • Full in-state tuition
  • Ten (10) awards available
  • Renewable for up to three additional years
  • Open to Indiana residents only
  • Admission deadline: December 1
  • Requirements (listed below) must be satisfied by December 1.
  • Scholarship application must be submitted by December 15. Application opens October 1.
  • To be awarded this scholarship, students must be entering ISU fall semester.

Indiana State University, in partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine, offers a unique scholarship opportunity designed specifically for applicants who have a strong interest in providing care to family and friends in rural Indiana, specifically as a primary care physician. This program is not designed for students interested in becoming nurses, physicians' assistants, or any other allied health occupation.

Candidates should submit SAT/ACT scores whenever possible. However, in light of the limited availability of the tests to students, SAT/ACT scores are not required for consideration for the scholarship Fall 2022. Student evaluation will focus on high school GPA, rural background, and interest in rural medicine.To view the rules and regulations governing this scholarship, see rules and regulations.

Selection is highly competitive and based upon academic and personal accomplishments, as well as performance in a winter interview competition. Admission to Indiana University School of Medicine requires students to successfully complete the undergraduate program at Indiana State with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and a score on the MCAT equal to the mean score of the previous year's entering class.

To apply for admission to Indiana State University, see apply.

Note on combining scholarships: Students who qualify for the Rural Health Scholarship may qualify for other awards. For details, see combining.