21st Century Scholars Excellence Scholarship

2018-2019 Combining Information:

No combination of Indiana State University awards/scholarships can exceed the cost of attendance for an academic year. Dollars earned on RaiseMe do not combine with this scholarship; students will receive the award with the greatest value. However, if a student qualifies for additional awards/scholarships, the 21st Century Scholars Excellence Scholarship can be combined/stacked with other awards/scholarships except for the following:

  • Illinois Achievement Scholarship
  • Illinois Student Scholarship
  • Incentive Scholarship
  • Kentucky Student Scholarship
  • Midwest Consortium Scholarship
  • Ohio Student Scholarship
  • President's Scholarship
  • 21st Century Scholars Housing Scholarship

Note: Students who qualify for one or more guaranteed awards/scholarships will be notified automatically with their admission award letter or shortly thereafter.