Welcome to the Center for Science Education website. The Center office is located in the southwest corner of the Science Building in Room 191.

Science Education is a unit, in the College of Arts and Sciences, which collaborates with the Bayh College of Education to prepare prospective teachers of science. Our faculty teach science methods courses for elementary education (SCED 393) and secondary science education majors (SCED 396L and 398L).

The Center oversees the undergraduate programs for science education majors and advises the students in those majors. Students enrolled in an undergraduate program for Science Education may choose either a B. S. or a B. A. degree. Please see our General Information and Degree Programs page for more information about our programs.

In addition to administering the secondary science teaching programs and courses, the Center for Science Education also participates in a number of research and community outreach activities. We actively collaborate with professors in the sciences to engage in these activities.


Some of these activities include:

  • The ISU Summer Science Camp
  • Participation with the Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibility Center (SENCER)
  • The Noyce Scholarship Program
  • A research project sponsored by the National Science Foundation, "The Nanobio Partnership for the Alabama Black Belt Region."


                                    summer science camp
                                                                    summer science camp

                  summer science camp