science education for new civic

engagement and responsibility

Learning about Tree Rings - SENCER 


What is "SENCER"?

English, psychology, business, or education, whatever your major, the study of science can add to the depth and quality of your education and enhance your future involvement in career and community.

To promote the study of undergraduate education in such subjects as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the National Science Foundation funded Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibilities (SENCER) to encourage students to apply the learning of science to their individual learning objectives.

In 2009, SENCER was brought to the Indiana State University campus.

With the appearance of SENCER at ISU, the University’s hope is that students, from all areas of study, will incorporate STEM courses into their program, and by so doing extend the impact of this type of learning across curricula and into the community and broader society.


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