Tutor Staff

Meet Our Educational Support Coordinator

CFSS-Brad Byers

   Name and Position: Brad Byers, M.S. -- Educational Support Coordinator

   Location: Indiana State University's Center for Student Success

   Building and Room Number: Normal Hall 134A

​   Phone Number: 812-237-8393




Meet Our Tutors

CFSS-Brandon Applegate

   Name and Subject Matter: Brandon Applegate -- Anatomy & Physiology

   Where You're From: Martinsville, IN

   In-Progress: Doctorate of Physical Therapy

   Bachelor's Degree: Exercise Science

   Extracurricular Involvement: Indiana State Track and Field for 3 Years (2012-2015)




CFSS-Justin Applegate

   Name and Subject Matter: Justin Applegate -- Anatomy & Physiology

   Where You're From: Martinsville, IN

    In-Progress: Doctor of Physical Therapy

   Bachelor's Degree: Exercise Science

   Extracurricular Involvement: ISU Student Physical Therapy Association,

           Previously an ISU Track Athlete



CFSS-Kaitlin Applegate

   Name and Subject Matter: Kaitlin Applegate —Biology & Chemistry

   Where You're From: Martinsville, IN

   Major: Chemistry

   Extracurricular Involvement: American Chemical Society




CFSS-Emily Dircks

   Name and Subject Matter: Emily Dircks - Chemistry & Biology

   Where You're From: Freeburg, IL

   Major: Biology/Pre-medicine

   Minor: Chemistry/Business Administration

   Extracurricular Involvement: Alpha Omicron Pi, Honors Program (Honors Peer Mentor),

           Timmy Global Health, Pre-medicine Club



CFSS-Angelo DiSalvo

   Name and Subject Matter: Dr. Angelo DiSalvo (Emeritus Faculty)—Spanish, Latin & Italian

   Where You're From: Tampa, Fl

   Hobbies: Reading, Writing Poetry, Walking by the River

   In Addition: Expert in Spanish Literature, Loves Italian Language







CFSS-Connie Elmore

   Name and Subject Matter: Connie Elmore (Emerita Faculty)—Spanish

   Where You're From: Colombia in South America

   Hobbies: Reading and Teaching

   In Addition: I always want to help them do very well in their classes. I love that they

           make mistakes because making them helps learn the Spanish language faster.



CFSS-Rachel Hayslip

   Name and Subject Matter: Rachel Hayslip —Applied Health Sciences & Anatomy

   Where You're From: Born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire England; Lived in Bloomington, IN

   In-Progress: Masters in Occupational Therapy

   Bachelor's Degree: Exercise Science

   Extracurricular Involvement: (SOTA) Student Occupational Therapy Association,

           Direct Support Professional for a Non-Profit Company


CFSS-Mitchel Kemp

   Name and Subject Matter: Mitchel Kemp —Biology & Chemistry

   Where You're From: Valparaiso, IN

   Major: Biology

   Major: Chemistry





CFSS-Carrie Lane

   Name and Subject Matter: Carrie Lane - Chemistry & Biology

   Where You're From: Washington, IN

   Major: Biology

   Minor: Chemistry and Business Administration

   Extracurricular Involvement: Alpha Omicron Pi, The Forest,

           Honors Program, Timmy Global Health



CFSS-Emily March

   Name and Subject Matter: Emily March —Nursing & Biology

   Where You're From: Hanover, IN

   Major: Nursing






CFSS-Samantha Memmer

   Name and Subject Matter: Sam Memmer —Athletic Training & Anatomy

   Where You're From: Evansville, IN

   In-Progress: ​ Occupational Therapy

   Bachelor's Degree: Athletic Training

   Minor: Massage Therapy

   Extracurricular Involvement: Running, Soccer, Involvement in the OT Graduate Program



CFSS-Courtney Natt

   ​Name and Subject Matter: Courtney Natt - Biology

   Where You're From: Terre Haute, IN

   Major: Biology

   Minor: Chemistry

   Extracurricular Involvement: Timmy Global Health, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pre-med Club,

           ACS (American Chemical Society)




CFSS-Dylan Nesty

   Name and Subject Matter: Dylan Nesty - Biology

   Where You're From: Brazil, IN

   Major: Biology/Pre-Dentistry

   Extracurricular Involvement: American Chemical Society





CFSS-Gary Pridemore

   ​Name and Subject Matter: Gary Pridemore —Psychology & Criminology

   Where You're From: Danville, IL

   Bachelor's Degree: Criminology and Psychology

   Extracurricular Involvement: Visiting Theme Parks, Parasailing, Sky Diving







CFSS-Zachary Robtoy

   Name and Subject Matter: Zachary Robtoy - Economics

   Where You're From: All over!

   Major: Philosophy

   Minor: Economics

   Extracurricular Involvement: President of Philosophy Club







Graduate Assistants

Logan Buske: Doctorate of Physical Therapy 

Samantha Memmer: Master’s of Occupational Therapy 

Makenzie Pollard: Master's of Occupational Therapy

Milton Sandifer: Master's of Student Affairs and Higher Education