MySam Instructions

MySAM is a suite of tools that includes a plan of study, advising notes, and GPA calculators in addition to the degree audit. These tools promote academic success and four year graduation.

Note: Students should use MySAM if their initial enrollment/readmission was fall 2012-present. If initial enrollment/readmission was prior to fall 2012, students should use DARS.

Overview of MySAM Tools
  • Degree Audit: The degree audit shows academic requirements, grades, GPA, and course history (unofficial transcript). It also shows how completed or transferred courses fulfill degree requirements.
  • Plan of Study: Plans are term-by-term recommended sequence of courses. Students who follow the plan and successfully complete their coursework can expect to graduate in four years.
  • GPA Calculators: There are three types of GPA calculators to help students assess their expected and desired grade point average.
  • Notes: Advisors can leave recommendations, suggestions, and other advice in the notes section of the student's degree audit and/or plan of study.
Instructions for Using MySAM

To access MySAM and see your individualized degree audit and/or plan of study:

  • Go to
  • Log on to the MyISU Cloud using Sycamore login and password.
  • Select "MyISU."
  • Click on the "Student" tab.
  • Click on "Degree Audit Tools" under MyISU Quick Links.
  • Click on "MySAM-My Student Academic Map."
  • Click the "Process New" button.

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