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2018-2019 United Way Campaign at Indiana State University 

Faculty and staff are encouraged to donate $20 or more toward the 2018-2019 campaign. Thank you to all those who have contributed in the past and we hope you will consider doing so again.


Andy Morgan & Susan Powers
Co-Chairs of the Campus United Way Committee

Strategic Enrollment Management

  • Enrollment Management has primary responsibility for the development and coordination of a campus-wide plan to recruit and help students persist on to graduation.  Enrollment is now part of the Division of Academic Affairs under the leadership of the Vice Provost of Enrollment Management.

    Enrollment growth and marketing success requires open communication and collaboration among faculty, staff, and administrators across reporting lines.  An essential component within the division is the creation and on-going evaluation of a strategic plan that recognizes and embraces the best principles and fair practices of recruiting and promotion.   Our intent is to admit those students who have a credible chance for success, based on a set of uniform standards.

    Of equal importance is the design of a marketing plan that correctly positions the University in a highly competitive market, while recognizing that student satisfaction and academic success are our ultimate goals.


Faculty Related Studies

  • Staffing Studies
  • Faculty Survey, 2005 The information provided on this website includes a cover memo of explanation, an executive summary, brief recommendations, and the raw quantitative data from the survey questions. These materials are accompanied by an analysis of the quantitative data and a content analysis of individual responses to the three open-ended questions prepared by members of the AAC. A separate statement of the methodology used by staff in Information Technology for their content analysis of the open ended questions is also provided, along with detailed summaries of these responses. In respect of our colleagues' anonymity and individuality, we have chosen to retain the verbatim responses to the open ended questions in the Senate office.


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