Standing Committees Membership

Standing Committees officers and Executive liaisons:

Administrative Affairs Liaison: Lisa Spence
Exec. Liaison: Tim Hawkins
Chair: James Gustafson
VC: Matt Cohen
Secretary: Alden Cavanaugh

Exec. Liaison: Andreas Kummerow
Chair: Melissa Gustafson
Vice Chair: Whitney Blondeau
Secretary: Tina Kruger

Administrative Affairs Liaison: Susan Powers
Exec. Liaison: Matt Hutchins
Chair: Kevin Ward
VC: Kevin Bolinskey
Secretary: Andrew Payne

Exec. Liaison: Steve Stofferahn
Chair: Lindsey Ederman
VC: Robert Guell
Secretary: Jessica Nelson

Administrative Affairs Liaison: Mark Green
Exec. Liaison: Brian Bunnett
Chair: Jeff Kinne
VC: Andrea Arrington
Secretary: Debra Israel

Exec. Liaison: Bridget Roberts-Pittman
Chair: Liz O'Laughlin
VC: Jolynn Kuhlman
Secretary: Stephen Aldrich

Administrative Affairs Liaison: Susan Powers
Exec. Liaison: 
Chair: Dan Coovert
VC: Sandra Kohler
Secretary: Steve Hardin

Administrative Affairs Liaison: Susan Powers
Exec. Liaison: Lisa Phillips
Chair: Felicia Stewart
VC: Xiaolong Li
Secretary: Haijing Tu

Presidents of Governance Bodies for each College:

CAS Chairperson of Faculty Council: Ray Dolle
​BCOE Chair of Congress: Carrie Ball 
HHS Chair of Executive Commitee: Kenneth Games
SCOB Faculty Chair: Jeff Harper
COT Chair of Faculty Council: Mike Hayden
Library Faculty Assembly: Karen Evans