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Staff Council (SC) is the advocacy organization that serves as an ambassador for Staff. Council members are elected individuals from departments across campus who serve designated terms. SC is organized using bylaws and governed by and an elected Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. There are four appointed positions: Communications Officer, Grievance Liaison, Elections Officer and Parliamentarian. Officers can hold their position no longer than three consecutive and must have at least a one year break before running for office again.

There are a total of thirty representatives who have voting privileges. Staff who have successfully completed their introductory period of ninety days are eligible to be elected to staff council. Representatives are elected for three year terms.

A series of committees assists Staff Council in addressing issues and concerns. These committees are: Public Relations, Staff Benefits, and Staff Relations. Each committee will be given charges annually that they will research and evaluate to determine feasibility and probability of change. Charges that can be approved will be transformed into a comprehensive proposal that the Council at large will discuss and vote to take to University Administration. Members of these committees are not limited to Staff Council Representatives alone, all staff are welcomed to share their voices. Committee membership is annual and requests for members are sent out in June. If you would like to join a committee, it’s not too late and we would welcome your voice.

Our work doesn’t stop there, Staff Council initiatives such as the Scholarship Fund, Annual Staff Awards, and other Staff Activities are funded through fundraising efforts throughout the year.

Staff are an important part of Indiana State University, it is important that our voices be heard and that our suggestions are taken seriously. It is through the work of organizations such as Staff Council that your suggestions are implemented, your changes are made, and things that work are bolstered. Next time you see one of our representatives, a fundraiser, or an event make sure you stop and take a minute to talk to them


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