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1. Each Standing Committee member shall be appointed by Council Chair upon recommendations of the Executive Committee. In addition to Representatives, the Executive Committee shall appoint employees outside Council to serve on Standing Committees. The term of service shall be one year.

2. Each Standing Committee shall be expected to meet monthly with the Vice Chair convening the first meeting of the year in the month of June.

3. Each Standing Committee shall elect its own Chair at the first meeting. The Chair of each Committee shall be responsible for scheduling Committee meetings, setting Agendas consistent with basic goals and objectives assigned to the Committee by the Executive Committee and addressing other relevant matters that shall come before the Committee.

4. Each Standing Committee shall elect its own Secretary at the first meeting of the year. The Secretary will be responsible for taking all Committee minutes.

5. Each Standing Committee shall submit final drafts of Committee proposals for Council approval.

6. Each Standing Committee shall submit minutes from each meeting to the Council Secretary at least one week prior to the Regular Council meeting and report at Regular Council meeting.

7. Each Standing Committee shall, upon request, act as a resource to the other Standing Committees or Council.

8. Each Standing Committee will submit an annual report of activities for inclusion in the Council Annual Report no later than one week before the Council's Annual Meeting.

Failure to abide by the above provisions shall result in the Committee Chair and/or Committee members being removed and the selection of a new Committee Chair and/or members by the Executive Committee.

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