21st Century Scholars

Indiana State University is committed to providing 21st Century Scholars the resources they need to graduate on-time with a degree and an experience that will prepare them for a successful future. To achieve this goal, the 21st Century Scholars Office provides support to Scholars in the following areas: community service opportunities, student events, and mentoring. Student events include financial aid workshops and study break events. Through mentoring, students receive personal guidance to help them achieve their academic goals.

This office also advises the Scholar-led student organization, ScholarCorps, which Scholars are encouraged to participate in. All Scholars are members and may attend any of our events. Membership provides students the opportunities to meet other Scholars and discuss the many opportunities available on campus.

In addition to the specific support provided by the 21st Century Scholars Office, Scholars may take advantage of free tutoring, FirstSycamores Faculty mentoring, and Student Support Services through the Center for Student Success.

For information on the 21st Century Scholars program at Indiana State University contact:

Aaron Slocum                                                    Danielle Rodgers                      

ScholarCorps Coordinator                                     ScholarCorps Student Support Specialist

812-237-4389                                                       812-237-2909

Aaron.Slocum@indstate.edu                                 drodgers8j@sycamores.indstate.edu