What is a FirstSycamore?

FirstSycamores are first-generation college students—that is, students whose parent(s) have not obtained a four-year degree—are pioneers, in their families and their communities. They face unique challenges and opportunities for academic success, retention, and graduation, especially during their first year of college.

The FirstSycamores Program provides programming for first-generation students.  A portion of the program pairs first-generation college students with a faculty or staff mentor who were themselves a first-generation student. Mentors work with their mentees all year, through email, by phone, and/or in-person meetings, as well as join in organized gatherings for all FirstSycamores and with other organizations on campus, building relationships, making connections, and providing the guidance first-generation students need to make the transition to college easier. Get the latest information on FirstSycamores at:

If you are first-generation faculty and would like to participate in this program, please contact the Office of Student Success at 812-237-8378.