Accessibility Resource Office

The Accessibility Resource Office at Indiana State University coordinates academic and residential accommodations for ISU students with physical, neurological, and psychological needs. The goals of these services are:

  • to enable students with disabilities to participate in and benefit from University programs, on-campus living, and activities by providing services, accommodations, and assistive technology
  • to ensure the ISU environment is free of barriers
  • to encourage students with accommodations to become as independent and self-reliant as possible and to help students secure services
  • to provide information and consultation about the types of accommodations and how they address a variety of specific needs



To request accommodations for classes or residential halls, please follow these steps:

1) Email or call the Accessibility Resource Office to schedule a meeting with Hope Williams. At this meeting, you will discuss your accommodation needs and come up with a plan for success. Medical or residential life specialists may also be present for this meeting depending on your need.

2) Complete the online Intake Application either before or after their consultation.  Click on the Intake Application link below for this form:

Accessibility Resource Office| Intake Application

3) Send documentation to support your accommodation request to Documentation can be a letter from a doctor stating the need for specific accommodations, or an IEP that is less than 3 years old.  The ISU Accommodations Provider Documentation form can be accessed by clicking here:  


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The Accessibility Resource Office


Phone: 812-237-2700


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