Disability Student Services

The Student Disability Services Office at Indiana State University coordinates support services for I.S.U. students with disabilities. The goals of these services are:

  • to enable students with disabilities to participate in and benefit from University programs and activities by providing services, accommodations, and assistive technology.
  • to ensure the I.S.U. environment is free of both physical barriers and barriers of attitude.
  • to encourage students with disabilities to become as independent and self-reliant as possible and to inform students that it is their responsibility to secure services and accommodations.
  • to provide information and consultation about specific disabilities to the entire I.S.U. community.



To request accommodations, the online Intake Application must be completed and submitted for evaluation.  Click on the Intake Application link below for this form:

Office of Disability Services | Intake Application



DOE: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities.




Face Coverings Policy and Medical Conditions

Please be aware that all students, regardless of medical condition or doctor’s note, are required to wear face coverings (a mask covering both nose and mouth and/or a face shield used in conjunction with a neck gaiter) while in ISU buildings. The ADA does not offer accommodations that put others at risk, so please be aware that Disability Services will not allow you to go without face covering as an accommodation. Everyone on campus is required to follow the guidelines set by Student Affairs, stated below. Protecting the health of our entire community is paramount. If you cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons, please ask us about switching to online classes.


“All faculty, staff, and students are required to wear face coverings anytime they are in public spaces. In classrooms they are required of faculty, staff, and students. Failure to comply with this policy will be treated, by policy, as would any student disruption of class. (A refusal or failure to properly wear an appropriate mask/shield will result in the faculty member asking the student to do so. A refusal of that request may result in the student being asked to leave the class for that period. A refusal of that request may result in the faculty member cancelling class and referring the matter to the Office of Student Conduct and Integrity.) A failure of a faculty member to wear an appropriate mask/shield should be reported to the Chairperson of the faculty member.”




The Disability Student Services Office

Email: isu-dss@indstate.edu

Phone: 812-237-2700