Accessibility Resource Office

The Accessibility Resource Office at Indiana State University collaborates with students and the university community to create accessible educational and campus living environments through support services and programs.

The Accessibility Resource Office provides accommodations to students experiencing barriers due to diagnoses including but not limited to ADHD, learning disabilities, chronic medical conditions, psychiatric conditions, vision impairments, and hearing impairments. The Accessibility Resource Office also coordinates accommodations for students with temporary diagnoses including but not limited to concussions, broken bones, and post-surgery recovery.


To request accommodations for classes and/or in the residence halls, please do the following:

1) Complete the Accessibility Resource Office| Intake Application.

2) Attach documentation* to the intake application. 

Documentation may include one or more of the following: 

  • IEP/504 plan
  • Medical records/patient portal diagnostic summary
  • Letter from a healthcare professional, which confirms a diagnosis and notes the limitation(s) and/or impact(s) of the condition(s) and how the accommodations directly reduce or alleviate those condition(s), limitation(s), and/or impact(s)
  • Full evaluation/diagnostic report (e.g. ETR, MFE)
  • Cognitive/learning assessments (e.g. Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale, Woodcock-Johnson III)
  • Accommodation provider form

Accommodation requests will not be reviewed until the intake application and documentation are received. Once both the intake application and documentation are received, the Accessibility Resource Office staff will connect with students to determine reasonable accommodations.



The Accessibility Resource Office team can be reached at or 812-237-3829.