SI Leaders' Duties

SIs Should:

  • Attend every class session to be intimately familiar with the content and learning objectives, taking notes as it informs their SI sessions.
  • With the support of the faculty instructor, introduce themselves at the first class, describe how SI works, and provide basics on the days/times/location(s) of SI sessions.
  • Schedule and lead three hours of SI sessions each week.
  • Attend all meetings and trainings scheduled by the Coordinator of SI.
  • Model appropriate behavior and exhibit the practices of a successful, eager learner.
  • Conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times.
  • Employ interactive study techniques and a variety of learning strategies in their sessions.
  • Maintain a policy of open and frequent communication with all students enrolled and with the instructor.
  • Record accurate attendance numbers for each session using the online CfSS attendance system.  Use the KRONOS  payroll system to report hours worked.
  • Display positivity, encouragement, and persistence with regard to the students, instructors, and the course itself.

SIs Should Not:

  • Give students answers on any graded assignment.
  • Grade or edit students’ papers, quizzes, exams, etc. SIs should not participate in any evaluative procedure for the instructor.
  • Request payment for any work done outside the classroom or the SI sessions, such as preparation of lessons, research, reading texts or other materials, etc.
  • Make negative comments regarding the course, the materials, the instructor, other students, the curriculum, etc.
  • Participate in the teaching of a class.

What are the benefits of being an SI Leader?

The position of SI Leader is a paid professional opportunity for student leaders to build positive and supportive relations with an academic department, gain experience working with and guiding students, and perform a critical examination of an academic discipline in preparation for an advanced degree. SI Leaders work approximately 6 hours per week.