SI Session Schedule

***These weekly sessions generally begin the second week of the semester and are available for free to all students enrolled in the following courses.

SI Schedule

FALL 2018 - Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions      
Prof Name        Course/Section               SI Name                             SI Session Day/Time/Location                                   
Ayodele AHS 340- 001 & 002 Harrison Caleb  MW 2-3p; W 6:30-8:30p;             R 6:30-8:30p S173
Adams ATTR.210.003 Pund Sarah M 4:30p-6:30p; T 6p-8p WAM 315
Adams ATTR.210L.002 Bokhart Margo M 3:50p-4:45p; W 4p-7p SS315
Adams ATTR.210L.013 Bockover Evan  T-7p-9p; W-3p-5p SS315
Gonser BIO 112 Meadows Jessika M 8p-9p (S 061); T 7p-8p (S176);  R 4-5p (S 176) S061; S176
Schwab BIO 231 L 001, 002, 004, 006, 402 Sons Takoda M T 6:30p-8p S138
Cho BIO 274 001 002 Slankard Corrin  R 11a-12:30p; F 1p-2:30p R-HH020;                  F-S176
Schwab BIO.231L.001 Singh Harjas  R 6:30p-8p; F 2-3:30p R-S297 /F-S292
Steding BIO380.001
Natt Cierra  M 6-7:30p; R 5-6:30p M-S 061;              R-S 297
Layman BUS 180 Rogers-Peterson Alijah M 6p-8p; W 12p-1p; W 5p-6p FD320
Spivey BUS 180, BUS 205 & BUS 305 Maxedon Corey T 7p-9p; W 5p-8p FD320
Cohen BUS 201 & BUS 202 Dial Alison M 4p-6p; T 6p-8p; W 7p-8p;        W 8p-9p(online) FD320
Cohen BUS 201 & BUS 202 Kelly Rebekah T 2p-3p; R 5p-6p FD320
Soto-Ferrari BUS 205   Behrens Anna M 5p-6p; T 5p-6p FD320
DePaolo BUS 305 Behrens Anna M 6p-7p; T 6p-7p FD320
Cohen BUS 311 Conrad Emily W 6p-7p; R 5p-6p FD320
Glendening CHEM 105.001 and 002 Wertz Kylie  T 5p-6:30p;R 3:30-5p S 173
Zuo CHEM 105.003 & 004 Hillenburg Kaylee M 3p-4p (S061); T 4p-5p (S173);   R 1p-2p (S059) S059/S061/S173
Van Hoveln CHEM 351-002 Nysschen Juan  T12:30p-2p;  R 3:30p-5p T-S054;                 R-S 297
Gilbert CHEM.105.005
Thomas Brogan W R 5p-6:30p S061
Dewese CHEM.351.001 Nuyen Courtney  M 4p-5:30p (S022); W 5p-6:30p (S059) S022; S059
Hancock CHEM100.002 Reid Megan  R 2p-3p; F 8a-9a R-HH115;                 F-S022
Hayden Comm 101 Stephenson Emily  M W 3:30p-5p SH 301
Muyumba COMM 101  Noel Gabrielle T-4:45p-6:15p;  W1:15p-2:45p T- SH318                W-NH108
Mullin COMM 101 Noel Gabrielle T 4:45p-6:15p; W 1:15p-2:45p T- SH318                W-NH108
Rascon Comm.209.001 Kidwell Justin  M 6p-7:30p;  R 4p-5:30p M-SH108;                R-SH318
Israel ECON.100.003 Ross-Frost Victoria  M W 4p-5:30p HH 019
Henriquez ECT 160.001 Allard Roy M W F 9-10:50   MT315
Wittenmyer ECT 160.002 Nussel Jacob M W F 1-1:45p   MT315
Henriquez ECT 160.003 Weidner Hunter M W 3:30-6:15   MT315
Kirby ECT 160.004 Allard Roy T R 2-4:45   MT315
English ECT 165.001 Allard Roy M W F 9-10:50   MT305
Henriquez ECT 172.001 Hanson Ivy T R 9:30-12:15   MT305
Kirby ECT 281.001 May LeAndre' T R 9:30-12:15   MT108
Hansen-Speer ENVI 110.001 & .007 Rayl Jacob  M R 4p-5p; W 12p-1p MR-S214;           W-S138
Aldrich ENVI 110.003 Rayl Jacob  M R 4p-5p; W 12p-1p MR-S214;           W-S138
Berta ENVI 110.004 Rayl Jacob  M R 4p-5p; W 12p-1p MR-S214;           W-S138
Speer ENVI 110.005 Rayl Jacob  M R 4p-5p; W 12p-1p MR-S214;          W-S138
Speer ENVI.170.001 Monroe Lucas  R 1p-2p (S 162); R 7p-8p (S 162);     F 1p-2p (S162) S162
Huffman MATH 115 Carlisle Connor  W F 10-11a; T R 4-5p RO A106
Harden MATH 115 Ross-Frost Victoria  M W F 12-1p; M 2-3p  RO A106
Harden MATH 115 Garbison Claire   

WF 11a-12p; WF 1p-2p; M11a-12p; M1-2p
RO A106
Armah MATH 115 Hoesman Darian  M 12-2p; T R 12:30-1:30p  RO A106
Alison MATH 115 Hoesman Darian  W F 1-2p R 4-5p RO A106
Armah MATH 115 McVey Kyle  T R 9:30-10:30a; T R 3-4p RO A106
Hernandez MATH 115 Goodwin Connor   T R 8:30-9:30a; F 10a-12p RO A106
Hernandez MATH 115 Hoesman Darian   M W 2-3p; W F 10-11a RO A106
Bowman MATH 115 Tuttle Emma  T R 11a-12p; T R 2-3p RO A106
Armah MATH 115 Rogers-Peterson Alijah   T R 3:30-4:30p; T R 5-6p RO A106
Holt MATH 115.003/004 Lauzon-Hodge Allie  M W 10a-11a; W F 8-9a RO A106
Harden MATH 115.005/006 Garbison Claire  M 11a-12p; W F RO A106
Bowman MATH 131 Hagemeier Dylan  M 5-6p; R 8-9a RO A106
Isaia MATH 131 Greunert Madison  Sun 2p-6p RO A106
Zhao MATH 131 Holiday Carly  Sun 2p-6p RO A106
Zhao MATH 131 Lauzon-Hodge Allie W F 1p-2p; T R 4p-5p RO A106
Frost MATH 131.002 & .007 Hoene Courtney  (007)T 3p-5:50p; (002)R10-10:50a;             R3:30-5:30p RO A106
Lodge MATH 132 Hao Beixi M 5p-6p; R 8-9a; M W F 3-4p RO A106
Johnson MATH 132 Kooi Nathan  T 5p-6p; R 10a-11a; M W 11a-12p RO A106
Ko MATH 132.006 Holiday Carly   R 1p-1:50p; Sun 2-6p RO A014
Taylor Math 305.002 Davis Jordyn  M 5:30p-6:30p RO A006
Taylor Math 306-002 Whitted Miranda  M 5:30p-6:30 RO A008
Ko Math.305.003 Simon Abigail M 6p-7p RO A011
Tarr MET 103.001 Brummett Robert M W 8-9:45  MT217
Mohamed MET 103.002 Uidl Bradley M W 1-2:45  MT217
Tarr MET 103.004 Moody Garrett T R 10-11:45   MT217
Tarr MET 103.005 Pasternak Jasper M W 10-11:45 MT217
Tarr MET 103.006 Moody Garrett T R 1-2:45 MT217
Mohamed MET 103.401 Muller Heidi T R 4-5:15 MT217
Crawford (Coffey) N 209 &  N 218 all sections Jaros Savannah M 5p-8p; R 1p-4p M-S176;               R-UH313
McQuiston NURS 324  Crouch Haley  T R 4p-5:30p UH 203
Davis PE 220-001
PE 220-002
Ryan Kayla  W 6p-8p S134
Davis PE 220-003 Horvath Gracie M 4p-6p S134
VanCleave SOWK240.001 Doppler Elizabeth T R 5p-6:30p SH 108