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Excelsior College

Indiana State University accepts credit by exam from Excelsior College. The exams are in college subject areas that are comparable to the final or end-of-course exams in undergraduate courses. The American Council on Education recommends a minimum of three semester hours of credit per test. Students must be enrolled in Excelsior College to register for exams.

  • For preparation information, visit Excelsior College.
  • For a list of Excelsior College courses accepted by Indiana State University, visit Exam List.
Guidelines for Credit Transfer
  • Students must obtain their academic advisor's approval prior to registering for any examination to ensure departmental standards are satisfied.
  • Credit earned through the Credit by Exam Program may apply toward graduation or degree requirements or elective hours within individual programs.
  • Students do not receive a grade for credit earned through the examinations.
  • No credit is awarded in a general examination area if the student has completed two or more college-level courses in that general examination area.
  • No credit is awarded in a subject examination if the student has already earned college-level credit in that subject area.
  • Students cannot receive duplicate credit. Therefore, it is important for students to plan their academic schedule with an academic advisor.


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