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Why do I have to take the Math Placement?

  • Math placement testing allows us to better identify the introductory math course that best matches your current skill level. For instance, while one student might come to college equipped with the necessary skills to take a calculus course, another student may first need pre-calculus, while another might need to brush up on algebra. The Math Placement may also be used for placement in some sciences.

There is a Test A and a Test B? Which do I choose?

  • Choose Test A first. Test A has 18 questions. If you score a 12 or higher, you qualify to take Test B which has 12 questions.

Can I use a calculator?

Yes, you can use a calculator and scratch paper but may not use any apps or websites.

When will my scores show up on MySam?

  • Scores are uploaded every weekday so; your scores could show up in MySam as soon as the day after you take the test.

Can I retake the Math Placement?

  • The Math Placement should only be taken one time therefore, it is to your advantage to do your best. There are some instances, however, where a student may retake the Math Placement with their advisor’s approval. For example, a student had a power outage. Contact your advisor to discuss your situation. If your advisor grants approval for a retest, they will contact University Testing.


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