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Math Placement

In order to correctly place students in mathematics courses at Indiana State Universty, students are required to take the Math Placement. All students (incoming and transfer)  are required to take the online Math Placement.  If you are an incoming ISU student, the test must be completed before attending the State Start-Up orientation. This is a requirement for all students that are new to ISU. 


The only exception may be for recent high school graduates who scored a B or better in both semesters of high school Algebra II. Keep in mind that some of the science and major courses also require the score from the math placement. It is best to complete the Math Placement.   The Math Placement should be completed in advance to prevent running into any barriers during registration.  This will ensure that you are able to register for the best courses for your degree path. If your score is below the prerequisite score for Foundational Studies Quantitave Literacy but you met the prerequisite with your high school math classes, you may still be able to register for the Foundational Studies Quantitative Literacy class.  Your advisor will be able to assist you to make this determination at the time of registration.


The Math Placement will help an advisor put you in the math course where you will be most successful.  There is no charge to take the Math Placement.  

Students who have not taken the Math Placement will be placed in the lowest math class.

Math Placement Guidelines  

Prepare to take the test: 

2.Refresh your math skills
3.Find a quiet place to take the Math Placement, and make sure to allow enough time to complete it  (60 minutes).  Please note: You can only take the Math Placement one time! 
4.Do not transition to the Math Placement from the practice test.  Follow the directions below to take the Math Placement.


Instructions for taking the Math Placement:

1.Click Math Placement. The Mobius sign on screen will launch.
2.Login to Mobius using the following information:
  • Your user login is your University ID (included in this email or on your admissions acceptance letter)
  • Your password is your birth date in the following format: mmddyyyy.  **If your birth month starts with a zero, leave that zero off when typing your password.  This should prevent login issues.**
3.Once Mobius opens, your screen may say "You are not enrolled in a class".  If it does, click on Enroll in a Class located on the left side of the page in blue.  Then choose Math Placement Test.
4.Remember to allow 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to take the Math Placement. The Math Placement must be taken in one sitting.  Do not log out or walk away before the Math Placement is completed. If you print it out, you must stay logged in in order to enter your answers.  Do not log out of the Math Placement or walk away before you have submitted your answers. 

Questions? Refer to the FAQ on this webpage.  Still have questions? Contact University Testing at 1-812-237-9634 or




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