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Non-Native (Foreign) Language Placement

Students who have satisfied the Foundational Studies non-native language requirement and who wish to take further course work in a language MUST take the Language Placement Examination in order to determine the level of language course work most appropriate for them. Depending upon the level of placement, students may receive credit for their knowledge of the language, some of which may count toward Foundational Studies Requirements. Indiana State University offers Language Placement Examinations in Latin, French, German and Spanish.  NOTE:  The Language Placement Examination is NOT designed to be used as a test-out exam.  The Language Placement Examination should be taken before attending State Start-Up Orientation.

There is NO charge to take the Non-Native (Foreign) Language Placement. This is an online test which should take 30-60 minutes.  Questions use a multiple choice format.

Instructions for Latin Placement Test

To take the Latin Placement Test, click here.

French, German and Spanish

  • Instructions for French, German, and Spanish Placement Test
  • To take the placement test, click here.
  • Create an account
  • Select which test you would like to take: French, German, Spanish.
  • You may take any of the language tests but are limited to one time each.

Students MUST take a Placement Exam in order to be eligible for the following credits.

  • Student placed in 102 will be granted credit for 101 upon successful completion of 102, with C+ or better.
  • Students placed into 201 who complete 201 with a C or better will earn 9 credits for 101, 102 and 201.
  • Students placed into 202 who complete 202 with a C or better will earn 12 credits for 101, 102, 201 and 202
  • Back credit will be processed the semester following completion of the course the student placed into via placement Test
  • The student MUST take the placement exam and complete the course that the placement test recommends.

Scores for Placement in French, German and Spanish

Scores for placement in Latin

160-249  place into 102

10-14       place into 102

250-340  place into 201

15-19       place into 201

341-599  place into 202

20-29       place into 202

600+      place into 300 level

30            place into 301

Scores from the placement tests are immediately available to students at the end of the test.


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