Sexual Citizens

Details for SAAM Keynote Event:

  • Books can still be picked up in Arena B83 between 9am-4:30pm. Books will also be at available in DEDE I for those choosing the in person option.
  • If you have not had an opportunity to read the book, that is OK! The discussion will be thought provoking, insightful, and spark conversations that will occur long past the event itself.
  • You may attend from the comfort of your own space, classroom, or you can join us in DEDE I (with overflow in DEDE II and III).
  • If you are participating with a large group and using individual devices, please keep mics muted and turn off sound on all but one device to avoid feedback.
  • Let your peers, colleagues, and students know you are attending and encourage them to join too!! Share the attached image on social media, e-mail, and text! *Participation does not require prior registration.
  • Engaging with the authors is highly encouraged!
    • Ask questions! In addition to selecting the “raise hand” icon on the Zoom menu bar to speak directly to the authors, there will be an option to ask questions anonymously.
    • Utilize the “chat” feature to share your thoughts and reactions to the discussion or on Twitter with #ISUSexualCitizens!
  • The event will be recorded for the purpose of future programming. Please contact for more information.
  • To virtually join this incredible event:
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Meeting ID: 947 6373 8733

             Participants will be let in starting at 2:45pm

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

STATE welcomes authors Columbia professor Jennifer S. Hirsch and Princeton professor Shamus Khan as our 2021 Sexual Assault Awareness Month  Keynote Speakers. Together they wrote Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power, and Assault On Campus. The event will be a virtual experience on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. with an in-person participation option available in Dede I (with social distancing overflow room available in Dede II and III).  

The Title IX Office has around 300 books to share with the ISU community. To receive a book, register at Sexual Citizen, Keynote Event. By registering, you will make a good faith effort to participate in the event on April 6. Once the registration is received, we will contact the person registrant to arrange a delivery/pick time. Please note, we have a limited amount quanity of books and they will be passed out on a first come, first served basis. Books may also be purchased on Amazon, and are available for Kindle and Audible!

About The Book

Hirsch and Khan lay out an expansive, empirically-grounded vision for campus sexual assault prevention. The book is rich with the testimonies of over 150 Columbia students who participated in the Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation (SHIFT). Startling in their frankness and revelations, these experiences encompass explicit acts of violent rape and more subtle violations of consent that many people may not realize is assault, juxtaposed against consensual sexual experiences that range from sweet and caring to startlingly impersonal and objectifying. Hirsch and Khan’s goal, in sharing these stories, is not to make moral judgments or decide what the ideal legal ramifications of assault should be. Rather, with empathy and compassion for the many struggles that young people face, they approach sexual assault as a public health problem and explain it by setting out a broader understanding of how sex is organized and what it means to young people in college. 

Sexual Citizens puts forth powerful new concepts to help explain the forces in young people’s sexual lives: sexual projects (the various motives college students have for pursuing sex), sexual citizenship (the possession of one’s sexual agency, and the respect for another’s), and sexual geographies (the landscapes, both physical and social, that shape the power dynamics and contexts of sex). Hirsch and Khan have a remarkable eye for nuance—at every point in their exploration of campus culture they identify the ways race, class, age, and sexuality can intersect with gender to influence who is most at risk and who is most likely to commit offenses. Grounded in the intimate, often painful accounts of the human beings at its center, SEXUAL CITIZENS is a bold and comprehensive analysis of a social ecosystem where sexual assault is a regular feature, concluding with a bracing set of recommendations for what families, teachers, policy makers, and leaders in higher education can do to prevent it.

Additional Information

Learn more atbout the book by visiting Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power, and Assault On Campusreading a review from Inside Higher Ed Sex, Social Distancing and the Fall Semester, or viewing a short 7 minute NPR recording. 

Micro-lectures from Hirsch and Khan discussing Sexual Assault, and the intersection with Race, LGBTQ Vulnerabuility, Gender and Beyond, and from a Public Health Perspective

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