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Portal Migration

Project History

Indiana State University is migrating away from the current university portal, after 10 years of service.

In 2020, ISU established an RFP Committee that created a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) from enterprise vendors to replace our current portal.  During the RFP, the committee considered 5 different products.  After careful review, the finalists were narrowed down to two.  Once the finalists were narrowed down, we setup vendor demonstrations with various groups around the campus to get their input on each product - and to determine their most important features.  These groups were intentionally chosen to represent all "roles" on campus that would be using the portal.  It included employees, faculty, staff, OIT client partners and students.

After full consideration from all groups - especially those from our students - we purchased the "Engage" product from Unifyed.

Project Timeline

Date Area Description
8/18/21 Portal Engage with Portal Advisory Team (PAT) for Layout Discussions
8/25/21 Mobile Soft Launch to OIT and Portal Advisory Team (PAT)
10/8/21 Portal Final Layout Decisions from the Portal Advisory Team
10/13/21 Portal Demonstration to Academic Computing Committee (ACC)
10/12/21- 12/10/21



User Acceptance Testing Period

All areas should review and edit all documentation that references portal navigation, login, authentication, password reset or account activation.




Official Cut-over for MyISU - and Launch of MyISU Mobile


Project Status

Current Activities

  • List of Activities....

Future Activities

  • List of Activities....

Completed Activities

  • Production "Unifyed Engage" Environment Established
  • Authentication through Microsoft Azure
  • Active Directory Groups synchronized to Unifyed Engage
  • Integration to Canvas
  • Integration to Baner
  • Login Pages Changed
  • Mobile App availabe for download


Project FAQ

Q: How will this affect me?

A: The key function of the portal will remain the same.  You will login to the portal and select the application that you need, and you will be automatically authenticated into that application.  There are some differences as well - starting with the obvious change in looks and navigation.

Look and Feel

Authentication - The new "Engage" Portal uses your University Email Address and your University Account Password for authentication.  This is exactly the same as how you currently authenticate into your Microsoft Email Account.

Account Activation - Requires the use of a Personal Email Address to setup additional Multi-Factor Authentication.  Once Multi-Factor Authentication is setup, then you can prefer that a cell phone number be used, or different methods of contact.

Notifications - Notifications may be pushed to the Portal Application as well as the Mobile Application.  This feature is currently not in use.

Q: How do I get to the new Portal?

A: Use the following link:  Login to the new Portal

Q: What do I do if I don't see a service that I expect to see?

A: In this initial launch, we are focusing on applications that currently exist in the MyISU Portal.  If that application exists in our current portal, but does not exist in the new "Engage" Portal, then use the following TDX Service to report this issue - specifying that this is in the NEW Portal: Portal - Report an Issue

Q: How do I get the MyISU Phone App?

A: The mobile applications is available in both the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, although it is currently in a Pre-Production release.  To find it, login to your phone's download software and search for:  MyISU