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Strategic Enrollment Management Committee Members

SEM Council

Charge: Review strategies submitted through the SEM Processes and endorse strategies that will have effective enrollment outcomes.

Greg Bierly, Dean, Honors College
Liz Brown, Chair, Faculty Senate
Denise Collins, Dean, College of Graduate & Professional Studies    
Margaret Dalrymple, Director of Enrollment Analytics, Enrollment Management 
Niki Fjeldal, Director, New Student Transition Programs & University Testing  
Bob Guell, Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences                                                                                     
April Hay, Registrar, Office of Registration and Records
Amanda Hobson, Interim Dean of Students, Student Affairs
Amanda Knerr, Executive Director, Residential Life and Housing 
Kristi Lawson, SEM Project Manager, Enrollment Management 
Tim London, Executive Director, Extended Learning
Carrie Lutz, Interim Executive Director/Chief Marketing Officer, University Marketing                      
Linda Maule, Dean, University College                                                
Patty McClintock, Director, Institutional Research
Chris McGrew, Director, Center for Global Engagement      
Dom Nepote, Associate VP, Finance and Administration             
Christopher Olsen, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences           
Donna Simmonds, Director, Student Financial Aid
Lisa Spence-Bunnett, AVP/CIO, Office of Information Technology  
Jason Trainer, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and University Marketing, SEMC Chair                            
Richard Toomey, Executive Director, Admissions            
Lynn Larimer, Vice Provost’s Assist. – Staff Support

Recruitment Working Group 

Charge: Create and improve institutional recruitment efforts to attract new students.

Rich Toomey
Jason Trainer
Linda Maule
Regina Atkins
Santhana Naidu
Amanda Knerr
Amanda Hobson
Sarah Wurtz
Greg Bierly
Brice Yates
Marsha Dull
Zachariah Mathew
Shauna Lehman
Steve Stofferrahn
Chris Fischer
Kristen Kardas
Laura Jenkins

Retention Working Group

Charge: Develop and strengthen institutional strategies to ensure students persist and graduate on time.

Aaron Slocum
Amanda Hobson
Amanda Knerr
April Hay
Ashleigh Crowe
Beth Loudermilk
Brenda Hall
Dennis Ballard
Donna Simmonds
Elonda Ervin
Greg Youngen
Jason Trainer
Jennifer Lawson
Judy Sheese
Kelly Wilkinson
Kevin Smith
Laura Froelicher
Linda Ferguson
Linda Maule
Niki Fjedal
Peggy Weber
Rich Toomey
Shauna Lehman
Sumalayo Jackson
Susan Johnson
Tina Kruger Newsham
Zachariah Mathew

Aid Leveraging Committee

Charge: Evaluate and optimize financial aid and scholarship spending for effective enrollment outcomes.

Maggie Dalrymple
Charlene Shivers
Kelly Pierce
Rich Toomey
Laura Ping

Process Improvement Committee

Charge: Leverage technology and workflow processes to efficiently move students through the enrollment funnel.

April Hay
Jason Trainer
Brooks Moore
Tradara McLaurine
Laura Jenkins
Jennifer Forbes
Jerami Wheeler
Sara Monday
Peggy Weber
Susan Johnson
Lisa Spence-Bunnett
Anthony Hernandez
Emily Cannon

Analytics/Forecasting Committee

Charge: Collect and interpret data to inform decisions on the best deployment of institutional resources.

Maggie Dalrymple
Jason Trainer
Ron Payne
Bob Guell
Char Shivers
Dom Nepote
Shauna Lehman
Patty McClintock 
Doug Howell
Ash Hartman
Elise Lima
Tess Avelis
Linda Ferguson
El-Houcin Chaqra