Goal 1 - Strategy 1

Enroll, retain, and graduate students while prioritizing timely degree completion

Indiana Commission for Higher Education


At Indiana State, student success and degree completion are inextricably linked.  Institutional programs that address college affordability, educational value, student support upon enrollment, and successful degree completion are in direct alignment with the strategies and priorities articulated by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.  This congruence of missions sets Indiana State apart from peer institutions and serves as a distinct advantage in the university’s ability to meet the educational and workforce needs of the state of Indiana and beyond.

From a micro perspective, Indiana State is making great strides across all ICHE key priorities, including:

  • Total degree completion by Hoosier students, improved 34% since 2012
  • On-time graduation rate for Indiana residents, improved 8.6 percentage points since 2012
  • Persistence success rates (30-60-90 credits completed yearly) for Indiana students, improved 10 to 14 percentage points since 2012


15 to Finish


Indiana State is proud to be a 15 to Finish college campus.  Students are strongly encouraged to take fifteen or more credits per semester because doing so improves academic performance and leads to on-time graduation.  According to national data, students at four-year colleges and universities who attempted 30 or more credits in a year had a 3.03 average GPA compared to a 2.74 average GPA for students who attempted 20-30 credits.

To support the 15 to Finish program, Indiana State maintains a comprehensive marketing campaign to increase awareness, incorporates informative new student orientation presentations for students and parents, utilizes degree maps that outline term-by-term requirements for on-time graduation, offers financial aid counseling and academic advising to keep students on track, and provides student-friendly course offerings to ensure multiple options exist for completing required coursework.  Additionally, the university’s banded tuition structure complements the 15 to Finish initiative by allowing students to take one or more classes beyond the traditional full-time course load at no additional cost.