Goal 1 - Strategy 6

Maintain and advance our commitment to student affordability

State Works Program


The State Works Scholarship helps students pay for college while gaining valuable professional experience.  Initiated in 2016, the scholarship is awarded to first-time freshmen from the state of Indiana who are admitted unconditionally and have demonstrated financial need.  Students are placed in employment settings throughout campus where they assist with daily tasks.  The program benefits Indiana State University and provides students with critical career-building skills such as:  communication, teamwork, time management, accountability, customer service, and conflict resolution.  At present, 277 State Works employees serve the university in various capacities. 

Sycamore Technology Award


Indiana State is proud to sponsor the Sycamore Technology Award.  This award aims to ensure that students have the technology they need to be successful in their studies and earn an undergraduate degree.  Effective fall 2019, all freshmen and transfer enrollees that are eligible to receive the Pell Grant will be awarded a free laptop computer.  Recipients must be enrolled full-time.  Admitted students that file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are automatically considered, no additional application is required. 

Indiana State has distributed free laptops to students since 2006, although the program was recently modified to assist those with financial need.  The Sycamore Technology Award is a clear example of the university’s commitment to tackling the financial barriers that can impede access to higher education.