Goal 5 - Strategy 4

Promote opportunities to nurture and make visible faculty scholarship and creative endeavors.

University Research Grants


The Office of Sponsored Programs facilitates external and university grants for Indiana State University faculty and staff. On average, $9.43 million in research funding is awarded annually. The university’s research endeavors combined with its emphasis on teaching and learning makes Indiana State University an ideal for faculty committed to both pursuits.

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Study Abroad Support


Research shows that the classroom experience for students is dramatically enhanced by high impact practices like study abroad. Indiana State University values all of the ways that overseas travel can bring the curriculum to life for both students and faculty. To support this effort, the university annually provides study abroad assistance for faculty seeking to impart enriching, life-changing global lessons on their students.




Authors & Artists Program


Indiana State University is home to many talented writers and artists, and the Authors & Artists Program celebrates their contributions to the academy and the arts on a yearly basis. In 2018, seventeen faculty members and two students – one undergraduate and one graduate – were honored for their work as writers and editors of books and as performing and visual artists. Their contributions spanned a range of disciplines – from history and communications to music, education, criminal justice, and theater.




Faculty Activity Database


The Faculty Activity Database serves as an electronic repository for the scholarly work and accomplishments of Indiana State University professors. The database provides faculty across all disciplines with a single location for storing, maintaining, and managing their professional work. It also allows for easy access to information and materials whether publicizing academic achievements or submitting data for departmental, institutional, or accreditation reports. This real-time snapshot of academic activity is a valuable resource to the entire campus.

More than 20,000 records are stored in the Faculty Activity Database.