New Strategic Plan Endorsed by ISU Board of Trustees


During 2019-2020, Indiana State University undertook a review and revision of its foundational statements (Mission, Vision and Values) in preparation for the development of a new strategic plan for 2021-2025. The new foundational statements were approved by the Board at its May 8, 2020 meeting. This new plan, “Focusing on our Future Together: A Strategic Plan for Indiana State University, 2021-2025,” was developed by a broad spectrum of campus stakeholders during the 2020-2021 academic year. Dr. Brad Balch, dean emeritus and professor of educational leadership, led the planning process with assistance from Teresa Exline, chief of staff in the Office of the President. Dr. Balch has more than 20 years of strategic planning experience and has served as a consultant to numerous educational entities.

Priorities for the new plan were approved by the Board of Trustees in a special meeting on September 16, 2020.

Following a series of opportunities to engage campus stakeholders in the development of the plan’s goals, strategies and key performance indicators, the goal committees developed a draft plan. This plan was presented to the Board of Trustees and campus on Friday, February 19. The PowerPoint for the draft plan is also available here. 

Following a university-wide survey and additional opportunities for feedback, the revised plan was presented to the Board of Trustees on May 7, 2021 for endorsement. It was approved unanimously. Implementation of the new plan is now underway.