Homecoming at Indiana State University dates back to 1919 where proud sycamores promoted pride and school spirit on Blue and White Day.

Today, Homecoming consist of a week’s worth events involving community service, parades, spirit competitions, and evening events.

Thanks to Union Board, students, faculty, staff, alumni and local community can come together and express their pride for the beloved Indiana State University!


                                   Homecoming 2018: Sycamore Nation

                                 Sycamore Nation

On behalf of the homecoming committee, we would like to thank students, faculty, staff, and the Terre Haute Community for their participation in Homecoming 2018!  We look forward to working with everyone for Homecoming 2019! Want to see what you miss? Click here!


Homecoming 2019: Blueprint of Success, Pride and Spirit

October 7th- October 12th


How can you get involved in Homecoming 2019?

Do you have a passion in planning large events? Do you wish to contribute to the Sycamore community? Are you overflowing in Sycamore Pride? If you answered yes to any of these questions, being part of the Homecoming committee sounds like the place for you! Homecoming Committee is comprised of seven sub committee creating numerous opportunities to get involved with the planning of Homecoming 2019.  For more information on the sub-commitees, click here! Homecoming committee meetings take place every Monday at 5PM in HMSU 521.

Alumni Relations

Alumni looking to get involved or wish to learn more about homecoming should visit the Alumni homecoming site, here




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