Campus Recreation is one the of largest student employers on campus! Campus Recreation offers a number of positions throughout the course of the year. All student jobs are posted in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) used by Indiana State University. Please visit Student Employment to access job postings.

Student Employment

Building Supervisor

The Student Building Supervisor is responsible for managing, overseeing, and monitoring all areas of the Student Recreation Center. This position ensures safety, provides customer service, and adheres to facility policies and procedures for all programs within the facility while providing guidance, leadership, and evaluation feedback for 100+ student staff members.

Student Building Supervisor Job Description (PDF)

Club Sports Supervisor
Equipment Technician
Group Exercise Instructor

Energy is our middle name! Group X Instructors focus on demonstrating proper and safe form during workouts as well as motivating participants to perform their best during each class.

Intramural Official

Any student who wishes to become an official must attend the training clinics and pass sport-specific tests for each sport they wish to officiate. He/she must also complete all payroll paperwork prior to working.

Intramural Supervisor
Learn-to-swim Instructor
Marketing Assistant
Membership Services Representative

Responsible for providing customer service to patrons purchasing memberships and other services provided by the Office of Campus Recreation.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers conduct one-on-one workout sessions with clients in order to reach their fitness goals. Coaching on proper exercise form will ensure safety is our number one priority.

Reservations Assistant
Station Attendant
Student Custodian

Graduate Assistantships                                

Anticipated openings Fall 2021:

Aquatics & Health and Safety

Facility Operations

Sport Programs

For more information on the postings visit Bluefishjobs.