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 Learn-to-Swim participants and parents March 2019 Campus Rec

 Participants and parents from Parent-Child, Preschool and Level 1 pose for a picture after completion of Learn-to-Swim lessons (March 2019). 


Adult Learn-to-Swim Registration Form (PDF)

Spring 2020 - Learn-To-Swim Registration Form (PDF)



Visit the Membership Services Counter Located at the ISU Student Recreation Center, OR, you can download, print, and mail in the Registration Form to Register for Group and/or Private Lessons by accessing the link below:

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To familiarize young children (from ages 6 months to 3 years) with the water. In this Level, Parents will learn to work with their children to learn how to enter/exit the water, feel comfortable in the water, explore submerging in the water, and gliding on their front and back.


To orient preschool-age children (from ages 3 years to 5 years) to the aquatic environment and to help them acquire rudimentary levels of basic aquatic skills without Parental Assistance. In this level, children will learn to blow bubbles, open their eyes under water, retrieve submerged objects, combine arm/leg actions on front/back, and tread with arm and hand action.


To begin developing positive attitudes, good swimming habits and safe practices in and around the water for children at least 5 years of age. In this level, children will learn how to glide/float on their front/back, alternate arm/leg actions on front/back, and roll from front to back/back to front.


To give participants success with fundamental skills, including learning how to float without support and to recover to a vertical position. In this level, children will learn to fully submerge and hold their breath, recover to vertical position, roll from front to back/back to front, and tread water using arm/leg action.

LEVEL 3 and 4 

To build on the skills in Level 2 by providing additional guided practice in deeper water. In this level, children will learn head-first entries from the side, rotary breathing, flutter/scissor/dolphin, breaststroke kicks on front, and front crawl/elementary backstroke.


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