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Club Sports Program Philosophy

Sport clubs at Indiana State University offer opportunities for students to participate in a structure that supports competitive, recreational and instructional outlets in a non-varsity intercollegiate athletic format. Clubs may compete against other universities’ clubs throughout the Midwest and country in general or function as non-competitive recreational/instructional organizations. A significant characteristic of the sports club program is the student organizational structure. Leadership is provided by the students resulting in experiential education opportunities and personal growth. As such, it is an expectation that the clubs are coordinated by the students with advisement offered via a faculty/staff advisor. Clubs may allow themselves an amateur coach, but that coach should limit his/her responsibilities to on field coaching and advisement.

ISU Club Sports Bowling Team 2018   ISU Club Sports Fishing Team   ISU Club Sports Men's Soccer Team 2018   ISU Club Sports Men's Volleyball Team 2018   ISU Club Sports Quidditch Team 2017   ISU Club Sports Women's Volleyball 2018

Club Sports Staff

Hollie Power
Competitive Sports Director
Associate Director of Programs, Campus Recreation
Student Rec Center office suite

Demetria Young
Competitive Sports

How to get in touch with a Club Sport!!

Print out/view list of Club Sports contacts for 2019-20  (updated 6/21/19)


Men's Club Rugby is on Twitter! @SycamoresRugby


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LINKS to Club Sports Tree House accounts

Men's Basketball
Primary Contact: Alex Cisneroz (

Women's Basketball
Primary Contact: Ambrea Gale (

Primary Contact: Derek Tester (

Primary Contact: Bobby Phillips (

Martial Arts
Primary Contact: Keenan Hance (

Primary Contact: Derrick Jenkins (

Primary Contact: Dalton Sierks (

Men's Rugby
Primary Contact: William Cain  (

Men's Soccer
Primary Contact: Connor Watson (

Women's Soccer
Primary Contact: Nikita Pack (

Primary Contact: Dan Licari (

Ultimate Frisbee
Primary Contact: CJ Ruckoldt (

Men's Volleyball
Primary Contact: Robert Cunningham (

Women's Volleyball
Primary Contact: Emma Harrison (

Primary Contact: Jackson Harsin (

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Club Sports Women Volleyball team members 2019

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Club Sports Resources 

Documents you might need for club activities:

From Purchasing & Central Receiving

Things you need to know when ordering shirts and other promotional items with the ISU logo, mention of a department, Sycamore Sam, etc.

  • Provide as much descriptive information as possible on your Banner requisition. Include details such as number of shirts needed, sizes and colors of shirts, material blend (all cotton or 50/50), and color(s) of your logo information. Also include whether or not this order is to be silk-screened or embroidered, and the date you need finished items by.
  • If you are planning on putting artwork or a logo on the items and you already have the art on disk or in fax-able print; please fax a copy to purchasing and include the requisition number. Specify in the line item text on the requisition how the art will be provided to the vendor (on disk or in print).
  • If you are planning to put artwork or a logo on the items and you DO NOT already have the art on disk or in fax-able print: please contact Ted Wilson in University Publications for assistance in developing or sizing the art you need.
  • To have artwork approved, contact Ted Wilson in University Publications.
  • Make sure you have also listed on the requisition if the art should be silk-screened or embroidered, where the artwork should be placed on the item, and what color you want the art in if applicable.

Purchasing / Bid Process:
Any "logo-type" item (with mention of ISU, Rec Sports, Sycamores, etc) must go out to bid at any amount. Purchasing will not need to bid out the orders for OTHER supplies (equipment, plain clothing or uniforms, etc), that are under $500.00, but a requisition still needs to be done and a purchase order should still be obtained before placing an order. Procurement cards cannot be used on promotional logo-ed items. If you would like other approved companies to be considered, Purchasing will need to send a bid out to the requested company along with bids to the licensed vendors as well.
Purchasing bids out every order over $1,000.00 (non-logo apparel)

Have an idea for a new club? Let us know!

NEW sports clubs may be created if there is interest by students! Contact Us!

The first step to form a club is to register with Student Activities and Organizations; once registered then contact Rec Sports to start their process for organizing your club! (click on new student organization registration link)