UPDATE EFFECTIVE Monday, 8/15/11

Parking Changes for 2011-12

Permits required for Fourth, Fifth, Chestnut streets

Parking will return to normal on the ISU campus effective Monday, Aug. 15. Individuals with staff permits must park in staff or "any decal" lots while those with student permits must park in student or "any decal" lots.

Also beginning Monday, on-street parking on Fourth and Fifth Streets through campus and on Chestnut Street between Third and Fourth streets will require a student or staff permit.

Another important change taking effect Monday will have Lot 11, located on the north side of Hulman Memorial Student Union, becoming a short term pay lot. Parking will be limited to two hours and will cost $1 per hour.

To operate the pay station properly, motorist should use the following instructions:
1. Each parking space is designated a number. Please note the number for your parking space, which is indicated on the post located in front of the space.
2. Walk to the pay by space station. An arrow on the signs points the way.
3. Enter your parking space number into the pay by space station.
4. Follow the instruction on the pay by space station and pay for the time that you wish to park (max. of 2 hours). The meter accepts quarters and dollar bills.

More information about parking at ISU, including links to purchase permits online, is available at

Future Parking Fees

This notice is to alert all of our external members (alumni, community, spouses, Learn-to-Swim, etc.) that beginning August 16, 2011, there will be a parking fee schedule for all users of university parking lots Mondays-Fridays during the patrolled hours of 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. We will no longer be allowed to distribute free temporary parking permits.

Please take a moment to review the new parking policies or guest members.

This new policy takes effect on Aug. 15, 2011. Until then, you can continue with the temporary complimentary passes that we provide or park free in the north pay lot through Aug. 14. All passes must be purchased from Public Safety located on the east side of the junction of Erickson Hall and Pickerl Hall (south of the HMSU fountain). If you drive north on 6th Street, the street ends with a cul-de-sac, and you will find Public Safety there.

During Summer 2011: the North Pay Lot will offer free parking, except for any days the lot is reserved for specific University events such as Orientations, New Student events, etc.

Parking is free on any lot during weekends and after 5 pm daily. There is limited on-street parking. There is a paid parking lot north of Chestnut Street on 5th St., you turn right just past the Student Counseling Center, then right into the lot. (We refer to this as the North Pay Lot). See Directions, Maps, and Parking...

You may obtain a free 3-month temporary parking pass from our Public Safety Office if you have purchased a membership. (Day pass excluded). This pass may be renewable. This will allow you to park in any lot other than pay lots or metered spaces.