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You can REGISTER for the Fall 2017 semester HERE!

Freshmen Incentive Program 

What does FreshHIT stand for?FreshHIT stand for?

FreshHIT stands for “Freshmen Healthy Inspired Trees”

Can you describe what Fresh HIT is?

FreshHIT is a wellness program sponsored by the SRC that aims to orient Freshmen with campus their first semester at ISU as well as to help Freshmen establish healthy habits that will continue for the rest of their time at ISU.  The program works with various departments on campus that host wellness oriented programs and awards points to FreshHIT participants for attending those events.  Participants will check in at each of the events with their student ID’s.  It is very important that they slide their ID cards at each event they attend! Not sliding your ID card will result in no points awarded for attending the event! Once the program ends, FreshHIT participants will be able to claim prizes for the points they have earned.  The more points participants accumulate, the better the prizes!

What types of things will be done?

           LIST OF EVENTS for 2017-18

What is the time frame?

This is a one semester program. 

Is it only for Freshmen?

FreshHIT is for Freshmen ONLY! We want to help you get to know our campus during your first semester of college!!

How do you sign up?

Use the link at the top of this paragraph to sign up.

Just fill out the form that pops up on the page and you’re good to go!

How do you keep track of your participation?

Participants MUST sign up via the link located on the SRC website! Then, for each event that FreshHIT participants attend, they MUST make sure to check in/slide their student ID’s at the events.  Not signing up for the program and not sliding your cards at events will result in no points awarded to you for your participation!

How does the program communicate with participants?

Participants will receive their first email in September and will receive weekly emails after that.  Participants will also have to watch out for Facebook, Twitter, Portal and RSS feed announcements for updates, additions and changes.

What are the prizes?

You can see a list of prizes and the points needed to earn them here:

Fresh HIT Points and Prizes 2017                             


Snapchat icon  Follow us on SnapChat (@ISU_FreshHIT) for up to date information about points, events and locations to get points, and healthy tips throughout the semester!

Hannah Anderson
SRC Fitness Graduate Assistant