Services & Fees


                                           NEW Membership Classifications - 2 July 2018

As of today (7/2/18) we will be offering the Law Enforcement/Military Community Membership (See form for prices):

  • Must present proof at time of purchase (ie. Military ID, badge)
  • Spouses are eligible to purchase a membership (as a sub-member). Military/Law Enforcement member must be an active member in order for the spouse to purchase a membership.
  • Member must obtain ISU ID ($15.00)
    • Will have to purchase a membership at SRC before visiting Parking Services

Questions? Contact Brittani via EMAIL. 


Services/pricing at the SRC (Dec. 2015)

Weekly Guest Pass - $40.00

-Must be sponsored by an active member at time of purchase

-Driver’s License Required

-Weekly pass valid for 7 consecutive days

-Effective Immediately

Weekend Guest Pass (Friday-Sunday) - $20.00

-Must be sponsored by an active member at time of purchase

-Driver’s License Required

Towel Service - $60/year or $30/ 6 months

-Effective Immediately

Daily Guest Pass - $8.00  (effective January 1, 2016)

-Must be sponsored by an active member at time of purchase

-Driver’s License Required


NOTE: Beginning Monday, November 18, 2013, ALL patrons of the Student Recreation Center will be required to have their University username card scanned for entry. This policy will be strictly enforced. Patrons forgetting ID's may purchase a guest pass as long as he/she has a valid picture ID such as a driver's license. Guests must also have a valid ID to be granted a Guess Pass.

NEW!! Parking Policy for all External Memberships (updated 11/1/2017)

ISU Membership

Students enrolled in at least 3 credit hours ON CAMPUS for summer semester, and 6 hours ON CAMPUS for spring and fall semesters, are automatically assessed the SRC fee. (Online courses are not assessed the SRC fee).

Membership is a benefit for current ISU faculty and staff. Dependents / spouses, alumni and other membership classifications have a fee schedule for the facility use.

Memberships for the general public are not currently available.

NEW! Campus Recreation Membership Application  (2018-19)

NEW Family Hours (Pool) for the Fall & Spring Semesters will begin on Sunday, April 14, 2019: 

Fridays: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Sundays: 12:00pm - 7:00pm

SRC Family Hours


Mon. - Fri. -- Building: 6am – 8pm

                   Pool: 1pm - 7pm

Saturday – Building: 8am – 4pm

                  Pool: 11am – 3pm

Sunday- Closed

When a holiday falls on a Monday, such as Martin Luther King Day or Labor Day, Family hours will reflect the Sunday schedule – 12pm - 5 pm.
Family Hours will be in effect when ISU has a holiday or break, such as Spring Break.

It is NOT in effect at any other time not designated by ISU. (Vigo Co. School Corp. breaks, for instance)

Guest Fee

The following rate are charged for daily guest patrons. Guests must be accompanied by a current eligible university member.

  • Youth ages 0-13 yrs of age = $4.00 *(1st floor only)
  • Ages 14 and over = $8.00**

* This fee entitles youth to use the facility during Family Hours.
** This new fee became effective on 1/4/2016.

Guest Passes can be purchased at the Membership Services Counter in the SRC. Each guest must present a valid picture ID. (Unless a minor accompanied by a parent/guardian).

Youth Guest Pass Policy/Schedule

Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a youth and must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian.

Dependent/Spouse ID

Once you purchase a membership for your spouse or dependent, you must purchase for an ISU Guest ID. (It is a separate fee). The dependent/spouse must present a valid picture ID (their driver's license) and be accompanied by the parent/spouse with valid ISU Faculty/Staff ID. Spouses may also be asked to present their marriage license.

Dependent/Spouse ID's must be requested at the Membership Services Counter in the SRC.

Non-ISU Membership for HHS Building

UPDATE (12/20/16): Anticipated Construction Dates of the CNHHS Building (our old HHS/Arena) will affect Campus Recreation patrons. 
These are the dates we have been given:

Racquetball closed permanently in December 2017.

North Gym closed for renovation December 2017.

North Gym reopens in early August 2018.

We will offer the HHS Membership for 6 months at a rate of $175.00. Starting in June we will offer a 3-month membership at a rate of $90.00. After the 3-month period, we will offer a month to month rate of $30.00 for the HHS Membership until the facility has been shut down due to the construction.

Indiana State University offers single adult memberships (not family memberships) for selected individuals (such as ISU Alumni) to use recreational facilities in the HHS BUILDING (Arena). This includes activity sites for racquetball, North Gym, and the HHS Pool. See the pricing schedule. You may also renew your membership for the old facility alone, for a cost of $288/year.

ALL membership renewals must be processed at the SRC, at the Membership Services Counter.

Acknowledgement, Recognition and Waiver

Non-University Users are required to sign a form which states that they:

1. Acknowledge awareness of the Informal Sports Facility User Policies.
2. Recognize their responsibility for using the facilities in a safe manner.
3. Waive liability.

Punch Card Guest Entry Procedure

  • 1. The guest must be accompanied by the punch card holder at the supervisor’s check-in station.
  • 2. The guest must be at least 18 years of age – no minors allowed in the evenings. (Minors only allowed in the HHS facilities on Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00pm when we are open).
  • 3. The guest must have a state issued ID with them and provide to student staff when asked.
  • 4. The guest(s) must complete the assumption of risk statement in the notebook provided each day that he/she participates:
    • 1. Guests must read the assumption of risk
    • 2. Enter the day’s date on an available line below the statement
    • 3. Print his/her name
    • 4. Enter his/her signature
    • 5. Card holder must also sign on the same line

Checking out equipment

  • All patrons must surrender their ID (ISU ID or state issued ID or HHS Punch Card) when checking out a racquet or ball(s). The ID/Punch Card will be returned when the equipment is returned. This is a standard procedure for all recreation facilities by all participants.