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Services are a collection of resources provided by MSP or other entities on or off-campus. Services come in several form: list of social service organizations, web based, electronic, and audio resources. These services are provided to assist students in finding the services or tools they need to be successful at Indiana State University. The list is to be seen as a starting point for most student questions.

The resources listed below are not a complete listing of the internal and external resources available to students. If you are unable to find an answer to your question(s), please do not hesitate to visit MSP on the 7th floor of the Hulman Memorial Student Union or email us, you can even call us at (812) 237-2877.

General Inclusive Pronouns

Gender Neutral Bathrooms 

LGBT History

LGBTQIAP Awareness Days

States in the News

Suggested Book and Video Suggested Reading List


In Need of Support?

Discrimination or sexually motivated instances on the campus of Indiana State University need to be reported to very specific departments on campus. This is just to ensure that ISU follows requirements set up by the Department of Education to improve campus safety. If you feel comfortable sharing to a specific ISU employee there is no reason why you cannot approach them and have that conversation. However, it is important that you are aware that sometimes employees need to report specific situations or get guidance from those more knowledgeable to better help you.

The Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office supports the university by providing expert advice, education, and services which ensure the university's compliance with all applicable federal, state, and university equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and civil rights laws, regulations, and policies. If possible, please start with the Title IX Officer, Dr. Leah Reynolds at

Name Change Process

A student is able to change their "legal" name through legal documentation (court order) by presenting documentation to the Office of Registration and Records. Your "legal" name is the one recognized by the federal government (i.e. social security card, passport, etc.) and the State of Indiana. Your "legal" name is the one reflected in your official academic records. Please note that you will be required to supply supporting documentation to change your "legal" name. Accepted forms of documentation include a: certified copy of marriage license, divorce decree or dissolution decree, certified copy of Certificate of Name Change, current passport, current driver's license, military ID or social security card. Please print and return a completed application-pdf.png Request for Change of Name / Gender form to the Office of Registration and Records, Parsons Hall, Room 009, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN 47809.

Preferred Name

Students may use a “preferred” first name and/or salutation that differs from their “legal” name within certain campus systems. This is permissible whether or not their name has been changed legally. This is permissible if the ‘preferred” first name is not being used for the purpose of misrepresentation. The “legal” name will continue to be used in all University-related systems and documents that require a verified legal name. Please contact Registration and Records if you have questions regarding either process.



Please conduct your own research on the resources/services listed below. Indiana State University is not recommending the use of any of the resources or services. We are providing this partial list as a guide or starting point for you to discover sources that you may need while at Indiana State. We strongly suggest that you research any web based resource/service before agreeing to provide any personal or financial information.

External – Web Based

Ally Information


Coming Out

Greek Letter Organizations

Health and Wellness



Scholarships / Financial Aid

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