BaFá BaFá

What is BaFá BaFá?

BaFá BaFá is an effective cross-cultural simulation that gives participants the opportunity to build cross-cultural awareness. This extremely original, unique workshop simulation creates a society where participants get to experience the power of culture, language, beliefs and values in a short amount of time. Over the course of this simulation, participants explore how their cultural biases affect cultural perception, and in doing so, learn about themselves, their communities and each other. The first-hand nature of this exercise helps drive home themes such as cultural perception, cultural polarization, and sensitivity in intercultural communication.

What is BaFá BaFá used for?

From businesses and governments, to schools and universities, BaFá BaFá has been used by hundreds of organizations to help promote cultural awareness between constituent units of a greater body. By developing this sense of awareness, different departments, offices, and professions within an organization learn to better understand and communicate with one another.


BaFá BaFá was originally developed by the United States Navy alongside Simulation Training Systems for the United States military abroad. The exercise came about as an answer to incidents and misunderstandings between American sailors and foreign citizens of host countries. Originally, the program focused on simulating and roleplaying interactions with specific cultures such as Greek or Japanese, but these endeavors were abandoned in favor of a generalized exercise that provides a more universal awareness of cultural difference.


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