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Land Acknowledgement Statement

This land on which we inhabit is physically situated in the original ancestral homelands of the The Wea Peoples of the Miami Tribe of Indiana. The Wea were a Miami-Illinois originally located in western Indiana and part of the larger Illinois Confederation. We pay respect to the Miami Tribe (Delaware, Kickapoo, Miami, Mound Builders, Piankashaw, Potawatomi, Shawnee, and Wea), past, present, and future, and the Wea Peoples continuing presence in the homeland and throughout their historical diaspora. This calls us to commit to continuing to learn how to be better stewards of the land we inhabit as well.



International Student Resource Center (ISRC) will support and promote the success and personal growth of international students through intercultural programming and advocacy. The center is designed to be a welcoming environment that respects cultural diversity. MSP will work alongside the International Student Leadership Council.

ISRC works closely with the International Student Leadership Council student organization.

Being an international student means more than just going to class - it takes a lot of work and a safe and affirming environment. The ISRC is here to help you acclimate during your journey at ISU. Our goal is to insure that you have access to services and resource and programs focused on your cultural and ethnic identities.

ISRC offers various programs each semester. Please consider joining us for the semester offerrings. All programs will be through ZOOM unless otherwise indicated. 


Signature Program Series

International House Party - Interested in participating? Complete this survey

This program was designed to introduce the ISU community to our students, staff, and faculty from other countries. Each month we have hosted a different country. Students, faculty and/or staff will present information about their rich culture.  This year we will visit our friends from different country in their own curentlly space virtual, to see what they have makes them feel they are in their home.

April 27, 2021 - International Academic Recognition Ceremony 

Recognition ceremony for our Internatitonal, Hispanic, Latinos, and LatinX students for earning a GPA of 3.5 or higher during Fall 2020

April 27, 2021 -  International Global Graduation Ceremony Photo Gallary

We invite you to participate in the International Global Graduation Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony is an annual celebration intended to highlight the accomplishments of students from across the globe at ISU. This ceremony celebrates your achievements. This ceremony is not the University Convocation to be held in December and May. You must apply separately for the University Convocations. If this is confusing, please let us know.



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