Sycamore Safe Zone

Sycamore SafeZone (SSZ) is an ally development program created to establish a campus that is safe and affirming for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students, faculty and staff.

The Sycamore SafeZone program aims to build a visible network of support for LGBT individuals and their allies by providing an avenue through which any member of the Indiana State community can show their support. The program also provides an educational experience through a SafeZone Seminar. The Safe Zone seminar is a one to two-hour training experience that encourages the exploration of personal and cultural identities, privilege, and what it means to be an Ally.

The SSZ program encourages student, faculty, and staff to explore cultural identity, values, and stereotypes in order to better understand how these issues impact the university, Terre Haute, and LGBTQ communities.

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