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Presentations and Resources

Don't Cancel That Class

The Division of Student Affairs is proud to provide a diverse array of available presentations to the University Community. A new and exciting initiative through DSA is the "DON'T CANCEL THAT CLASS" program.

"Don't Cancel That Class" is designed as an alternative to faculty/staff canceling class as illness, conferences, meetings. or other activities arise. The below list of presentations is but a small sample of the types of presentations the Division of Student Affairs has to offer. These presentations are also great for when faculty/staff want a campus expert to discuss a specific topic even when not cancelling class.

To request a presentation, please contact Colleen Chestnut at 812-237-3800. The Division of Student Affairs asks for at least one week advance notice to properly plan; however, we recognize that sometimes things just happen. Call anytime and if staff are available we will make it happen.

Presentations (Not Exhausted List)

Getting Connected to ISU - Presented by Campus Life

Studies have shown that students that are involved on campus increases retention and persistence toward degree completion. Through involvement students learn to be more socially competent, academically focused and civically engaged. This presentation will provide students with an opportunity to explore various ways of connecting to our campus community. We will give students information on the ISU TreeHouse (student organizations) and the multitude of other activities in which they can participate throughout the year.

"Hi My Name is……." - Presented by Campus Life

Communication and interactions with others will play a significant role in how content students are with their college experience. Many classes and student organizations have a group work component. The truth is that this work is at times difficult to organize and manage. The challenge of group work is rarely an inability to complete the assignment or but more often it's managing the social interactions. This session will provide students the opportunity to get to know their classmates through ice breakers, energizers and team building activities.

"Keeping it real: Straight Talk about the professional landscape." - Presented by the Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center

A workshop that discusses how to maintain a sense of self while broadening one's horizons navigating the collegiate journey. We will discuss a few "must do's" while you are in college and manage the expectations others expect from you.

"I'm what you need" - Presented by the Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center

A session that helps students to articulate the transferable skills they currently possess. This presentation will help students see their marketable skills.

History of the African American Cultural Center - Presented by the Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center

This workshop will give the history of the African American Cultural Center and the programs the center provides.

First-Follower - Presented by Fraternity and Sorority Life

How important is being a leader? What about a follower? The presentation will teach your class that without the first follower, the leader doesn't matter.

Fraternity & Sorority 101 - Presented by Fraternity and Sorority Life

What do you know about fraternities and sororities? Is it what you see in movies or on TV, or maybe even read about on the Internet? You should invite the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life to your class to educate your class on what being a member of a fraternal organization is actually about. The FSL Staff will talk to your class about how involved our students are outside of the classroom, how our students are retained at a higher rate and graduate at a higher rate, and we will dispute all of the Hollywood stereotypes.

ISU History - Presented by Ombudsperson

Indiana State University has a proud history of growth, success and achievements. This presentation, which is accompanied by a PowerPoint, reviews the campus academic and physical changes, incorporates the Presidents that have lead the campus and includes the history of athletics, our mascot and some University Traditions. In 50 minutes, it chronicles the creation of the Indiana State Normal School, through the current Indiana State University.

Overview of Recreational Sports Offerings - Presented by Recreational Sports

Description of various programming and student employment opportunities, Discussion of student development opportunities, and an open discussion of policies & procedures based upon class interests.

Introduction to Event Planning & Management - Presented by Recreational Sports

Discussion of steps necessary to market, plan, staff, supervise, and evaluate a special event as well as working through an event scenario

STEP UP Bystander Intervention program - Presented by Student Advocacy (length 90-120 minutes)

Step Up! is a pro-social behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others.

The goal of Step UP! are to:

  • Raise awareness of helping behaviors
  • Increase motivation to help
  • Develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of self and others
Sexual Violence and Prevention & Response - Presented by Student Advocacy (length 40-50 minutes)

This program focuses on the prevention of and response to sexual violence at Indiana State University. Students will learn how to assist a friend who has been a victim, resources available on and off campus, and how they can assist in preventing sexual violence.

Welcome to Wellness - Presented by the Student Counseling Center

An introduction to the concept of wellness and finding balance in life

Time and Stress Management - Presented by the Student Counseling Center

This is a basic overview of stress, how it can impact an individual on multiple levels, signs of being distressed, and suggestions to improve overall self-care to reduce stress. Time management will be discussed as it relates to stress, along with ways to use time more efficiently by reducing bad habits related to avoidance or procrastination.

Test Anxiety - Presented by the Student Counseling Center

This presentation explores factors that contribute to and methods for reducing test anxiety. Areas covered may include attitude toward exams, study skills and strategies, and test taking strategies.

Conflict Resolution - Presented by Student Conduct and Integrity (length 45-90 minutes)

This program explores the Sycamore Resolution program and provides options and alternatives to resolving difficult situations

Social Cruelty and Marginalization - Presented by Student Conduct and Integrity (length 90-120 minutes)

This program explores why people are mean and the roles they play as well as how to avoid divisive roles: victim, perpetrator, one of the group.