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About Student Health Promotion

Student Health Promotion (SHP) is a department of the Dean of Students within the Division of Student Affairs.  We assess health behaviors, collaborate with campus partners, and deliver health promotion initiatives consistent with best practices to support healthy lifestyles, personal development & growth, and academic success of ISU students.

Our Vision

To be recognized for excellence by the ISU community for delivering best practice initiatives essential to the health, development, and academic success of students.  Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, policy development and stewardship, innovation, education, and complaint resolution, SHP will create an inclusive and supportive community where all students can fully realize their potential.

Our Mission

To provide ISU with health promotion that fosters learning, professional development, and well-being that improves the lives of all students, reduces health disparities, enhances the unique ISU experience, and advances public health.

Our Values

SHP is committed to the following core values.

  • Professionalism, Ethics, and Integrity.  We promote and abide by professional and ethical guidelines.  Our communication and actions represent the principles of honesty, autonomy, beneficence, respect, and justice.
  • Social Justice.  We are committed to providing health opportunities for all community members and strive to reduce systemic disparities in health.
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness.  We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.  We believe in the diversity of ideas and people and seek out inclusion of differences.
  • Mutual Respect.  We work to maintain a culture of respect and recognize that words and actions matter. The absence of action and words also matter.  We believe in the freedom of speech, and encourage the civil and respectful expression of ideas and opinions.
  •  Participation and Collaboration from those we serve.  We believe sustainable health promotion change can only occur when the community has the opportunity to develop ownership



Office of Student Health Promotion  

HMSU, Room 508
550 Chestnut Street
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM