Student Health Promotion

New SHP Director Announced


Lauren Baines has been hired as Director of Student Health Promotion at Indiana State and will start September 4, 2018. Lauren has worked at Boise State University for over five and half years in University Health Services’ Wellness Services as a Health Educator and Assistant Director. Lauren is certified as a Master Certified Health Education Specialist. While at Boise State, she earned her MBA. Prior to BSU she earned her Master of Public Health, focusing on Community Health at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. Lauren has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Philosophy from University of Pittsburgh.

The Student Health Promotion is a department of the Dean of Students within the Division of Student Affairs. We specialize in the prevention of issues that affect students and their ability to be academically successful and graduate. The more we can prevent student issues from being seen as insurmountable obstacles, the less likely a student will need to see a counselor. From alcohol abuse to homesickness, from stress management to sleep management, from roommate conflicts to safer sex, our services are far-reaching. Whatever affects your physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational, emotional, financial and environmental wellness also affects your academics. If you need to speak to someone one-on-one in our office, you can call to make an appointment. We can also do prevention presentations and programs for the classroom, residence halls, sororities and fraternities, athletics, and any student organization. We design large programs that students can participate in throughout the school year. Check out our 'Events' section on the right early to see some of the major programs that Student Health Promotion administers annually.


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Office of Student Health Promotion
Student Recreation Center
Suite 131
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Indiana State University


(812) 237 3258
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Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM