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Recognizing & Coping with Microaggressions

Tuesday, Februrary 9 at 6PM: This session will introduce participants to microaggressions and how they affect individuals across different identities. We will place a special emphasis on microaggressions within the Black community.  Participants will explore the importance of addressing microaggressions and identify effective strategies for doing so. View Recording

Racial Trauma & Recovery

Tuesday, February 16 at 6PM: In the midst of a global health crisis, people of color are facing increasing incidents of racism, police brutality, and xenophobia.  These experiences, as well as past encounters with individual and systemic racism, can lead to negative health outcomes, known as trauma.  This session aims to acknowledge the effects of trauma on the Black community, validate participants' self-worth, share strategies for managing racial trauma, and turn helplessness into empowerment. View Recording



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