Non-Academic Appeals / Grievances

Students who have a complaint or grievance are encouraged to submit the Complaint/Grievance Form. Indiana State University has many mechanisms for resolution of student concerns.  Students are advised to put their concerns in writing and carefully document the events that led to the complaint or grievance.

Because navigation of the various mechanisms for resolution of student complaints or grievances may be confusing, students are encouraged to discuss issues with the University Ombudsperson. Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible after the event occurs; some of the procedures below have specific deadlines for filing grievances or complaints.

Following is a list of offices and services at Indiana State University that have a particular process for the resolution of student complaints or concerns. To access policies and procedures for registering concerns and complaints with these specific offices, click on the appropriate office link.

The sections here that are not linked are currently in the process of posting their specific guidelines. In these instances, please report commendations and complaints via email or phone to the head of that department or unit or submit the online Complaint/Grievance Form.