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To submit an appeal, click on the following form:

Appeal Submission Form

In order for staff to communicate with someone not directly involved in an incident or situation, the following FERPA Release must be completed:

FERPA Release of Information Form

See Something? Say Something.

If you are experiencing an emergency, contact University Police Department at 812/237-5555 or dial 911.

Complaints of alleged student misconduct or concerning behavior may be filed via this form. Questions concerning how to file a report or regarding the complaint resolution process should be directed to Student Conduct and Integrity. Reports filed through this online Incident Report are immediately received through the system and reviewed the next business day.

Once the report is received, a SCI member will investigate the incident and determine an appropriate intervention/action plan for the student’s behavior, which may include a meeting with the student and others involved in the incident. Please know that you, and the witnesses you identify in the report, may be contacted to provide further information. ISU does not encourage the filing of anonymous reports. Although thoroughly investigated, clarification or follow-up will not be possible with an anonymous report.

There are two report options: 1. Academic Report includes alleged violations of Section 1:A (Academic Integrity Policies) in the Student Code of Conduct. 2. General Conduct Incident Report includes alleged violations of Section 1:B (Misconduct that subjects a student to disciplinary action) in the Code.

Indiana State University uses Maxient Conduct Management Software. For more information visit Maxient.

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For specific details of Student Complaint Procedures, click here.


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