Student Complaint Procedures

Listed below are the procedures for students to follow when they believe any of their rights, as defined in the application-pdf.pngCode of Student Conduct, have been violated by a member of the university community.

First and foremost, any student may file a report with the University Police Department when they feel a violation of criminal law may have occurred.

A student who believes that his or her rights have been violated by a faculty/staff member or by another student should attempt to resolve the matter by informally discussing the situation with the person(s) involved. If this is not possible or undesired the following steps should be followed.

Complaints Against:

Other Students or Student Organizations
Members of the University Faculty and Administration
Members of the University Involving Discrimination, Including Harassment
Student or University Employees

Complaints By:

Student Organizations

Filing a...

Complaint With the Indiana Commission for Higher Education
Complaint by Students Residing in States Other than Indiana.