Members of the University Faculty and Administration

A written complaint should be made to the administrative officer who is the immediate supervisor of the person involved in the alleged violation. The appropriate administrative officer may be one of the following:

1. A department head or similar academic officer, if one exists within the particular school or unit involved.
2. The dean or director of a school or unit, if the school or unit does not have a department head or similar academic officer.
3. Even if a school or unit has a department head or similar academic officer, the dean or director of the school or unit may adopt a rule that formal complaints are to be submitted directly to the dean or director.

The administrative officer receiving the formal complaint will determine whether or not the complaint has merit. Complaints with merit will be reviewed and resolved by the appropriate department or office for resolution. If the complaint is not determined to be justifiable, the complaint procedure ends.

Any questions regarding where to direct a complaint, please contact the Dean of Students Office.