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Special Message About COVID-19


The COVID-19 virus has brought many changes to our daily lives and we understand that these changes can be difficult. The ISU Student Counseling center continues to provide students with counseling services through Zoom or phone session during our regular hours of operation. Students who wish to sign up for counseling services are welcomed to do so by calling us at 812.237.3939. Since these services are online, students are not required to come into the counseling center. We ask that students find a private space to conduct these sessions  (i.e. residence halls, apartments or parent's home). Due to state licensure laws, students must be in the state of Indiana in order to receive therapy services. Our Outreach services are available for all of our students anywhere. If you are currently in crisis during normal hours of operation, you are asked to contact our office at 812. 237.3939. For crisis/emergency services after hours please call 911 or ISU Public Safety at 812.237.5555. For additional information on how our office is responding to COVID-19 please watch the videos below.

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The Student Counseling Center is getting a lot of calls about students wanting to be seen right away as well as questions about summer counseling.

If you wish to be seen, we have paperwork that will need to be filled out first in order for us to assist you. You can find it here under “Forms”:

If you will be living or working in the state of Indiana this summer, we can continue to offer you counseling via telehealth platforms such as Zoom. If you will be living/working outside the state of Indiana, we will be unable to assist you during the summer due to the licensing limits of our counselors to the state in which they are licensed, Indiana. We will continue your counseling with us in the fall when you return.

If you would like to continue counseling during the summer in your home state, let us know and we will try to find community resources for you there.

As always, if you are in crisis and feel that you may hurt yourself or others, please come in to our office or call Public Safety after hours at (812) 237-5555.

Welcome to the ISU Student Counseling Center!

As a college student we understand that you are going through a lot of challenges whether it be for academic or personal reasons. We are here to help!


Students seek our assistance for a variety of reasons. Some of these areas include: difficulties adjusting to college life, struggling with depression, anxiety, difficult relationships, body image concerns, sexuality issues, identity problems, trauma, and substance abuse issues.  At the SCC we are here to help you develop the skills needed to be healthy happy Sycamores.

Please take a minute to familarize yourself with our website and learn more about who we are and the services we offer. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 812.237.3939. 




After-Hours Crisis/Emergency Services

For after-hours crisis/emergency services, call 911 or University Police at 812.237.3939 to get immediate assistance.



Contact Info

2nd Floor, Gillum Hall
217 North 6th Street Indiana State University
Terre haute, IN 47807
Phone: 812.237.3939
Fax: 812.237.3964)
Office Hours: Academic Year  
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:00 pm.
Friday 8:00am-4:30 pm.

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